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#11860142 - DM

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  • #11860142 - DM

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    Hand #11860142

    I am primarily submitting this as no one has taken advantage of the hand analysis since it restarted and I want to give it a push. Winner of this hand had been extremely loose while shorthanded and I got trapped knowing I was beaten (I had 10-10). I am interested in evaluating the relative strength of holdings while shorthanded when the limits are high and would like to see what others think of the play here.


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    Limit Holdem


    T,T makes a raise pre-flop. You did not give background on the players.

    SB has you matched in stack and calls (a reasonable action by average player) your raise.

    Flop comes and he checks and raises. You have T,T now what could he have for C-R. Possible AA, KK, QQ, AK, JJ, AQ, KQ, QJ, Qx, 6x not even counting the combinations. You are (a) slight fav. (b) big dog. Alert, Alert, Alert: GAP concept, fold.

    My $0.02


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      ok see as it wasa LIMIT HOLD EM game(buschman read between the lines)
      and i hate limit poker raise with the TT was good i would have problerly raised with the 99 too to get rid of the bb
      on the flop i dont know what i would do.


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        I am with Buschman on this one. If I have the TT I would bet it to find out where I am, With the check raise I have to think the other player has a Q or a 6 especially if he/she was playing loose. I find that in limit the blinds are very willing to call one bet with med. suited connectors and hands like QT.