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Hand 11674950 - Ironside

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  • Hand 11674950 - Ironside

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    school 200$ 5k added nlhe

    small blind limps in with KT bb has K5 and flop comes K54
    stay lucky

    ironside lsogc

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    No body takes any initiative pre-flop. Nobody has any idea what is happenning.

    Who knows why 5,6o is in. Sometimes, I have found them trying to ambush a pot. My assessment is he's a chip burner. I hate limpers with small stacks. They must be put to a decision.

    Late in tourny. The small blind has two cards in playing zone with one limper and the BB yet to act. K,T is not a drawing hand here. At least he should raise to a total of bb or more to attempt to get it heads up and put some pressure on the limper (who could have anything).

    If K,T wants to win this hand NOW he should raise the pot. Neither player can bust'm. He should be pushing to make both players make a decision on their trash hands. Let them know they are in jepardy of elimination. If you're gonna play as the big stack, you have to let your stack do some of the work.

    Heads up is not bad but a decent bet would probably have won this pot, unless the BB was feeling pressure, and decides to make his stand. Giving everyone a free look is the worse situation. It would have been a weak move, but a fold would have been better than a limp-in SB. You must put a decision to players in this 'situation'.

    If you are called then you have one player effectively all-in and you will have decide if you want to put the 5,6 play to a decision on the flop.