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  • New Requests - Post here

    Post all of your new requests with the hand number, description (so people will know what you are talking about and for correct identification of hand), and a reason why you want to see it analyzed.

    You don't have to write an essay, but it will improve the chances of another student taking the time to give their opinion.

    Please post them in this thread.

  • #2
    77vsKK-spades/cardster-sat nlh

    Starting hand #12676946

    No limit holdem sat

    midle of the game - 6 players

    i had around 3 to 4k...blinds 150 / 300

    i raise one bb in early midle positon with 77

    button reraises 300

    i call (as i remember at leats 1 or 2 more call to the flop)

    flop comes with low cards and a 7

    button goes all in and i call him

    he had KK and busted on that hand

    some discussion about the way the hand was played and if it was a bad beat

    sorry but i was playing 2 tables (one final) and cant rememeber exactly the hand with all details

    the KK was played by cardster and i told him that i would put the hand here so we may discusse that in detail

    thanx for your oppinions about the play



    • #3
      Hand # 12749865

      I raise pre flop W/AK get 1 caller. Bet the flop get called, When do I back off from the hand realizing that i'm a loser? Bet the turn and get Raised, know the other player is not on the J is it now time to fold? This is a weakness of mine taking the lead and not knowing when to let it go. Just think that the play on this hand might get me some help on this

      Thief 21


      • #4
        folding AA

        Posted: 03 Feb 2003 18:04
        Post subject: Folding AA, early tournay


        Hand No:13499734

        This was my first PSO tourny (first hand) since WPO.

        I get AA early and decide to trap to make a few chips.

        Flop comes big cards and 2 players go all in.

        I survived to make 12th place but could have busted 1st.


        • #5
          hand 1596484

          i've been in the school about 3 monts and this hand ruined my chances fro a win in a 50 man tuornament. i think i bet it wrong on the flop and at the turn and looking for some advice.

          had set Q's and 4to the flush, tried to trap and got burnt.



          • #6

            No limit ring game. raised on all three streets. calling with overcards.


            • #7
              Quadtastic - hand 16,928,916

              AQ v 44. I was the AQ and really couldn't see how anyone could play 44 or 4x after the raise from EP preflop, so figured my 2 pair was ahead. how wrong I was


              • #8
                hand #17,281,278

                3-6 HE ring game. I was in middle position with AA. UTG had raised
                preflop, I 3 bet, he capped so I had him on a high pair the whole time. Not upset that my bullets were cracked, just wondering if I misplayed it.


                • #9

                  button lets the big blind in for free
                  and then makes a raise of a ragged flop

                  after giving the blind reasons to play.


                  • #10
                    Two hands to consider.

                    17,353,934. NLHE Sat. I think this one is early yet, Small blind has AA and only completes the bet with several limpers. I think AA won, but it would generate discussion on AA in the SB or BB.

                    17,410,686. 3-6 Ring Game. (YES. We have ring games. A different animal than NLHE.) I limp in late position with j-9 Hearts.
                    Flop has 2 hearts. I raise on flop. Turn is a heart. Eventually J-9 hearts win with a heart flush.


                    Shane aka Jeff.


                    • #11
                      i would like to see an analysis on hand number 17,478,044. this is a hand from bugsys real money play, i hope we can do these too, if not, please let me know and i wont post them anymore. thank you for the ifo or analysis!


                      • #12
                        Hand # 17,353,431. This hand was from early in a sat 25/50 or maybe 50/100 blinds where KK limped from early position. Lots of limpers. flop was Q high. One play flopped a set, one had A-Q, and the KK (overpair). Things got wild on the flop and all 3 went allin.

                        I was not involved in this one, as I mucked some garbage preflop, but it seemed interesting.

                        What happens from here? Does Megan choose what to analyze? Does Barry review these and choose?

                        Shane aka Jeff


                        • #13
                          Hand number 18,466,112 please, a NLHE sat.

                          The dangers of slow-playing aces. With blinds of 75/150, a bigger bet than the minimum would surely have took home the bacon pre-flop but how to navigate post-flop? Also, did the small blind have any right to expect his bottom pair was good when betting post-flop?


                          • #14
                            Please post hand #18,596,117

                            I have to know how I should have played this one. I'm sure the other two that saw the turn would be interested in what we all holding as we all were thinking we had good hands. An all-in led to me and LP mucking with MUCH hesistation. This hand never reached river, I hope it qualifies for analysis.



                            • #15
                              Hand # 19,133,586

                              This one is from the later stages of a 5000 chips starter, 10 minute rounds. I had 7-4 in the BB and get a free look at a flop wiht 7-4-? with 2 diamonds. I think there were two smal blinds, SB #1 bets , SB #2 calls, and I make big raise. I know I was called by someone with 2 diamonds. I don't remember where we went allin at, but no strait or flush comes. The table talked about this hand for a little bit. Generally -- Does one play 2 pair aggressively and try to shut out the field, or limp along and hope the board does not make 3 flush, or an obvious strair, and/or pray for the board to pair??

                              thanks, Shane



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