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Would you have made the call?

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  • Would you have made the call?

    Blind levels 10/20 in an MTT, guy bets 19 BB, would u call with AJs?

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    First, your decision was not whether to call, but whether to OVER CALL.

    Whenever you face an out sized raise for a given stack size, you have to consider the possibility that all the chips will be going in on the flop. In cases like that, there is a material difference between a call and an over call (the act of being the 2nd, or later, person to call). The pot will grow pretty large just from a single call here, but a 2nd caller (you) will make it certainly go large. The larger the pot is going to the flop, the more chance there is someone gets in on the flop, see?

    What this means to you is simple: are the hands you are most likely to flop with AJ (1 pair hands), the sort that you are willing to put your MTT life at risk on the flop?

    If you flop top pair A, you have 3rd kicker.
    If you flop top pair J, with top kicker, there is a chance someone had started with an over pair.

    So the answer more often than not here is NO, you'd not really feel comfortable stacking off on the flop with the hands you are most likely going to see.

    To me, a bet this large represents a skew in a normal betting pattern. Whether that skew is weakness or strength is largely a matter of the reads you have on your opponent (you give no indication here), so in the end my answer to your question has to be...

    NO, I do not call a bet like this with a hand like AJ.

    I either raise it (if the villain is extremely loose and wild, and has made this a normal bet for him), or I fold it and wait for a stronger hand.
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      thx for the explaination, Had no reads on the villains yet because it was very early in the MTT, he had only done it once before and everyone folded.

      Unlucky hitting 2 pair on the flop btw :P

      fold 2
      call 0
      re-raise 0


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        That early in a tourney, it's gotta either be a fold or shove to isolate (which won't happen at this level in a tourney). Therefore, I'm folding.

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