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    Before getting into the hand I have to say that I'm not sure where I stand as a heads up player. I'm not very good in my opinion, but I not that bad compared to my opponents at this level. When we started heads up my opponent had a big lead and I was able to make up a lot of ground. I was really starting to get a feel for him. He had an obvious bet sizing tell and I was taking advantage. He was betting big when he had something and small when he had nothing. When out of position I would check to him and if he bet big I would fold and if he bet small I would raise. In the hand I'm not sure if I should even be playing 97o out of position, but like I said I had a very good feel for where I was most of the time. On the flop I checked it back to him and he insta-checked, like he had clicked check/fold. On the turn I lead out and he calls. On the river I lead out again and get raised... at this point I'm thinking he slowplayed a set or two pair, I'm not concerned about the backdoor flush (should I be?), the one hand I was worried about was jack 9, but I have a 9 so it seemed unlikely. I'm wondering a few things: Should I flat his raise (15bb is decent, but he would have a massive lead)? Can I fold? How can I improve my heads up play when I'm playing mtts?

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    79o OOP really isn't a hand I'd want... but you could do worse, as at least it's a 1-gap.

    You gotta bet the flop. Take the lead in the hand since you're OOP and find out where you are in the hand. You've got a pair and an OESD, so use this to try and get some info from the opp.

    On the turn, especially if I bet the flop and get called, I'm checking. Hoping to get a free card at a straight or set.

    River: like the lead with the straight and I'm not folding... BUT... with a flush and a higher straight possible, I'd flat it. That way, if they did have either, I'd still be in the tourney, but if I'm ahead, I've got a huge chip lead.

    Anytime you're HU, even if you are at a chip disadvantage, you can come back... you've only got to beat 1 person, not an entire table.

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