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strong enough to slow play?

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  • strong enough to slow play?

    was pushing the right move here?

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    Yes, other choice would be to bet 3k and calling 3-bet, but i prefer to ship than to call a 3-bet.


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      You have roughly 10 bigs left.... Eeyup right play...... on that stack size, you can never raise a standard amount and then fold. so you were 2 options are to shove pre or standard raise and shove any flop. and with the possibility of overs coming on the flop, making your flop shove far less profitable, I think all in pre is definitely the way to go here.
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        thanks guys umbup:


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          About 41.5% of the time there will be 1 over to QQ on the flop.

          If by slow play you mean limp...not oop. That's a bad move. It simply allows too many players to come along with you who may out flop you. With a stack just under 10BB, chances are good you are shipping most flops, so if you limp you may not find out that guy on the button you let in with J8s flopped 2 pair until it is too late.

          If by slow play you mean launch a standard raise with the INTENT to ship, that is fine too. You are not going to get big pockets all that often, so when they come at a time you are short, you really do want to get paid. Some things to consider...

          1) How aware are opponents who are acting behind you?

          the more aware an opponent, the more chance there is that a betting "dis-connect" will be noted. For example, if you held a hand like AJs, you are probably open shoving that. Same for something like 99. If you suddenly raise for a "standard" amount, and thereby show a certain willingness to commit yourself with that normal bet sizing off a 10BB stack, aware players will see that for the sign of true strength that it is.

          If you are shoving ALL hands you are willing to stand on, be they 66 or AK or AA, your aware opponents may actually be MORE willing to call badly than if you try to get overly tricky with some hands.

          2) How aggro are opponents who are acting behind you?

          If there are aggro players behind, especially aggro big stacks, they may ATTACK a smaller standard type raise rather than an all in. This is good for you (of course). The only time I'd consider this had for a limp is if there is an uber aggro stack behind me, but even that can be quite dicey...if he happens to wake up with 72o you may end up in a multi way pot for not a lot of chips, and that is not what you want.

          Long and he short of it is...

          Your shove is fine pre flop.

          If you want to raise standard, and shove on the flop, QQ is probably fine for that too.
          But jsut like limping, you really want to have additional info before you try to get tricky. If you lack that info, jsut go ahead and put 'em in and rely on the fact a 10BB stack should be shoving wide to get you a call.
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            I think you can raise/call here. You're strong enough and you allow aggressive players or players who really need to resteal a chance to with their 44 and Ax hands that they would just fold to your shove. But, if you've been jamming a lot lately, they may see this as obviously strong and fold to a small raise but call a shove. If you've been caught raise/folding lately I think it's an excellent spot to raise a smaller amount and allow a weaker hand to ship it trying to get you to fold.
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              If you're in the money at this point, now is the time to be more aggressive so that you can get more chips and I don't think that an all in is the right play. I would of bet 3,400, to attract at least one player and then go all in.

              But if you weren't in the money yet, then yes that was a good shove


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                If by slow play you mean launch a standard raise with the INTENT to ship, that is fine too. You are not going to get big pockets all that often, so when they come at a time you are short, you really do want to get paid. Some things to consider...

                Yes this was my other option i was torn between the 2 moves because there was not alot of action on my table at the time, i was gonna make it about 2.29x then ship em in on the flop no matter what, by slow play i did not mean limp in the pot ive made that mistake before after reading super system lol, i thought i was being clever until a 52os destroyed my pocket aces

                so either play would of been fine aslong as no limp and my intent was to ship either way which it was.

                thanks for all the info off all u guys this forum is GREAT!



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