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up against a cooler

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  • up against a cooler

    hi all this is from the same torny, i managed a bit of a comeback then this happens. Q:i had position and a pretty good hand being as only 1 limper in the pot, when he checks to me i feel with only 1 over card on the flop i can c bet but then as u can see he min raises me i pretty much know im beat at this stage but felt like i was priced in by this time so pushed what was left of my stack, was this a good or bad play by me.Could i have folded? but what would be the point i would of been left with a crap stack.i also made this play because i thought at this stage of the game it was time to get really aggressive. oops just noticed i 3x r instead of 4x i was sure at the time i 4x, lol i did the maths wrong but i think the hands pretty much played themselves
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    I like raising preflop (you could also just call, but I like the raise).
    I also don't have a problem with the c-bet (I'd have probably c-bet a little less, about 5300).
    When the opp raises your c-bet, after limp/calling preflop. That screams a set to me. You've still got over 10BB left if you fold and you really need to get off the hand and then look for a different hand to shove with.... because you're beat in this one.

    I actually put them on 44 for a set, as 10's would normally raise preflop (to get people with 2 overs to drop and not draw at them).

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      TY for reply yeah the min raise screamed of strength to me aswell, but i never put him on a set of tens, the size of the pot went to my head, my bad Thanks for ur reply i,ll try not make this mistake again.



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