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good or bad play by me?

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  • good or bad play by me?

    Hi guys n girls i'm new to this forum, quick intro my names paul and im 39 yrs old. the following hand has me scratching my head did i make the correct play and call.
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    Play is fine, just a cooler, poor play by your op, he blows a ton spewing to your raise, then fires all of his chips with top pair, and a weakish kicker. Your preflop raise reeks of a strong hand, and any decent player is folding J8 off.

    Even if you had been playing loosely before, his hand is kind of weak to try a resteal

    Good luck and welcome to the forum! I am sure you will get many more replies, most more in depth than mine lol


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      The guys limping utg with 10x or so bb and my image is tag if not nitty my vp was 13 pfr 9, this was my thinking he either got a monster slow playing aces or kings utg and hoping for a raise or some kind of suited painted cards and he wants to see a flop when he called my 3x r alarm bells went off,
      but then when he donks into me it made no sense so i had to call, ive made a note on this player and really hope to see him again.


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        Pre Flop raise should be a bit larger over a limper. If your standard is 3BB to go, with 1 limper make it 4BB to go.

        The guy limping EP is going to be weak a lot of times, so you benefit yourself by isolating on him with a medium pp; that will usually be ahead of a limp range. Had you raised it to 4bb (1000 to go), you can also still get away if he jams, and you've seen him do that before with strength.

        Gotta figure, a guy willing to limp in on a stack barely over 10bb probably also does not have great CALL standards for small raises. Next time send a clear message to him that if he wants to take a flop, he is going to be doing so for a goodly part of his stack (~1/3rd).

        As for the flop call, nothing wrong with that. He just got lucky to have a cheese hand spike top pair, and he also got lucky that you had enough to call, but was not ahead of him.

        It happens.
        Double Bracelet Winner


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          TY for the replies and i would normally 3x r +1 for every limper but the limp utg scared me abit so i decided to 3x to test the water so to speak if he had then pushed me all in i think i would of folded my 77 in that spot but the way he played the hand sort of sucked me into the call on the flop push.



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