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how could I have played this differently

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  • how could I have played this differently

    been losing the whole day, finally playing a 50 cents 45 man SnG was chip leader for the past 20 minutes and then this shit happens. Second hand after that im determined to win some chips back and jam my TT all-in and get sucked out on the river once again. Getting tired of this buuuuuuullsh!t

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    In the first example I'm guessing that the Big Blind had some sort of a weak read on you that you might fold to a re-raise. I don't think he was expecting you to call. You were ahead all the way and just got a sick suck-out on the river. In example two with 10 Bigs left I don't see anything wrong with the shove. It was a pretty bad call by the villian putting a quarter of his stack on the line with his holding. In my opinion though is that it is exactly these type of players you want at your table. Keep playing tight and aggressive, pick your spots carefully, make good decisions and you'll win out in the end! Raiser umbup:


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      Hand #1: Villain is on a re-steal stack size (around 16BB), and your stack is an admirable target for that try here.

      Granted, he should have seen that raising 800 pre in the SB on a 5300 stack (15% of your chips) is rarely weak, but if you've done this with something like 55 or KQ, he has a real shot to get you to fold.

      With AKo though, I am rarely ever folding to this jam here, unless the BB is an uber-nit (even then I'd have to think hard on it).

      Hand #2: Now it is YOU on a re-steal size stack. Jamming over that min raiser with TT is not really a steal attempt though, since you do have solid value in your hand. You may not WANT to see something like AK call you, but I'm sure on 11.5BB you are not really crying if you get called and find it a race. Yes, there is a chance the open raiser has a bigger pp, but your stack is short enough to justify the risk.

      His CALL is just horrendous.

      The Villain's ranging is way off if he seriously thinks you'll do this only on pp smaller than 99, or if he seriously thinks J9o has a chance to be best here. If he thinks J9 has enough equity to be worthwhile to take against you for a call, he is also sadly mistaken; J9o is a valid re-steal hand if it is used by someone doing the shoving, but to CALL a jam with it for over 20% of a stack and only 400 invested is just bad bad bad.

      It was just un-lucky that you did not re-coup to nearly your 5k stack on this hand.
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