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What do you think of this hand?

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  • What do you think of this hand?

    Hey folks, I was faced with a particular difficult decision to make as this hand ilustrates [IMG] [/IMG] The player that is playing against me is a big stack and been abusing the table alot,kind of LAG player but with some solid moves as checked previously in other hands. If you faced with this decision what to do? Did i mis played this hand? What do you think is range is? Should i move allin or just raise fold? If he comes over the top what to do next? How thinks i won or lost the hand? Hope this hand willopen some good discussion,at the end i let you know what he holds. Dr.Kauffer

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    Did you mean to have the hand stop at your flop bet?


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      This assumes that it's a standard SNG or MTT... if it was a league game, it'd be played differently.

      Preflop, no problem with what you did.

      If the opp was LAGGY or a calling station (that sometimes raises), then I'm at worst making a good size value bet on the flop... and probably shoving it. If they come over the top, I'm calling it.

      If the opp was playing tight or a nit, then I'd be alot more cautious (would be more worried about opp having AA, KK or a set).

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        his preflop reraise of you OOP bet oozes of hand strength, I like your flop bet, then it stops.. is this on purpose? if he has been real laggy, and making moves I am shoving the turn, and hoping he has AK


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          This hand was played up to that level, i did not post the rest of the hand for that reason, to open discussion,if you had seen the all hand is easy to make critics. I want you to sweat with me as i played this hand, this hand was played in a $0.25 buy in 45 man tourny, early stages. Please refer to the question i have posted,above which was the same questions i faced when this hand was played to make my final decision.


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            OH my bad was thrown off when you said how you would react and the last move was you betting on the flop.

            If you faced with this decision what to do?
            Preflop I may make 600 depends on the villain and 2.5xbb sometimes gets looked up lighter when you move up.I sometimes prefer looking like a donk and betting 3xbb.

            Did i mis played this hand?
            Not a misplay but Im not putting 2k into the pot for him to just call and shove on the turn when the board looks like it connects. So I would have shoved the flop if he is the type that will check behind or check/raise when he puts in a weak bet.

            What do you think is range is?
            Hard to give a button a range based off one hand.He has a stack so it could be mid connectors,suited cards,ace rag or any pair 77+ hard to say without reads. Personally I could see QJ,KJ and JJ maybe.

            Should i move allin or just raise fold?
            Never raise fold in these,you have to commit and I tend to like to do this. If they are a donk and I want a call I get it all in preflop,if they are the type to be loose preflop but shutdown on the flop and I dont want a call,allin on the flop.

            If he comes over the top what to do next?
            I dont allow him that luxury the way I play as I have found that I rather put them in the bind then be the one in the bind.Thats just my style and it protects me from a leak I am well aware of.

            How thinks i won or lost the hand?
            Kind of a pointless question because we dont have enough info. Will say this,most people tend to post hands they lost so I will lean toward you losing this hand.

            Im not good at these types of questions but I tried anyways to try and get out of my normal bubble.



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