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to call or not to call... A2s on an A high flop

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  • to call or not to call... A2s on an A high flop

    This was the first hand dealt on a freeroll. I was on the button and limped along with the other players and saw the flop. When checked back to me I decided to raise half the pot, since I thought that any one else holding an ace would rather have bet, but other pairs might call with a T or 7(yes, it was a freeroll--many guys just go all-in with any two). I figured that if someone else was holding an A I would get raised and then would fold the hand. After my bet the other 4 guys on the hand called (how many aces are in a deck of cards? hehe). Another spade comes on the river, making a potential flush-draw to go along with the straight draws. So my next bet, if checked back, would be pot-sized to drive at least two players off the pot, or make them pay for their draw. But then MP shoves. From the way he played the hand I thought he was weak. He could have been slow playing trips, or even AK, but I thought that from the way he had played pre-flop(call-call) and at the flop(check-call) the best hand he could have would some lower pair with a flush draw, or a flush and straight draw. There were still two players to act behind me, but I thought they would just fold, or call with a lower pair and a draw, just like mister MP here. Still, calling all-in on the first hand of the tournament would be a pretty bad play, right? So I was kind of puzzled, feeling that I shouldn't call, but thinking that I should call. (the replayer somehow is not working for me, maybe a google-chrome issue, I don't know. but in text mode I can hide players' names, for privacy and respect, and hide the final outcome of the hand under the spoiler, which I think is the best way to balance rationality--reading the hand without being results oriented-- and curiosity) Freeroll MTT $0+$0|10/20 NL - Holdem - 6 players Hand converted by PokerTracker 3 BB: 3,000.00 UTG: 3,000.00 MP: 3,000.00 CO: 3,000.00 Hero (BTN): 3,000.00 SB: 3,000.00 SB posts SB 10.00, BB posts BB 20.00 Pre Flop: (30.00) Hero has 2:diamond: A:diamond: fold, MP calls 20.00, CO calls 20.00, Hero calls 20.00, SB raises to 40.00, BB calls 20.00, MP calls 20.00, CO calls 20.00, Hero calls 20.00 Flop: (200.00, 5 players) A:spade: 7:heart: T:diamond: SB checks, BB checks, MP checks, CO checks, Hero bets 100.00, SB calls 100.00, BB calls 100.00, MP calls 100.00, CO fold Turn: (600.00, 4 players) 3:spade: SB checks, BB checks, MP bets 2,860.00 and is all-in, Hero

    calls 2,860.00 and is all-in, fold, fold River: (6320.00, 2 players) 3:heart: MP shows 7:spade: 2:club: (Two Pair, Sevens and Threes) (Pre 24%, Flop 7%, Turn 5%) Hero shows 2:diamond: A:diamond: (Two Pair, Aces and Threes) (Pre 76%, Flop 93%, Turn 95%) Hero wins 6,320.00 He didn't even have two spades... 72o, what a monster hand! [/SPOILER]

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    Well, the first hand in a freeroll, people will stay or bet with ATC, so the opp's range is basically everything.

    This really looks like A3 or outside chance at KQ/KJ of spades, most likely A3.

    With A3, especially suited, an opp would limp pre, then check/call a bet with an A on the board (wouldn't want to raise due to a bad kicker).. then shove the 2 pair on the turn.

    With your A2s, it's an easy fold on the turn.

    Then again, of course, with this as the first hand in the freeroll, they could have ATC.

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      Thing about freerolls are there are many types of bad players.
      You mention the majority that go allin if they hit any piece of the flop,well there is also the ones tha slowplay a hand to death.
      Its a good idea to have both these types figured out to start off as they are the two most obvious types to pick off.

      I would have given SB a chance to minbet again on the flop,I tend to play very tight and passive in freerolls with that many players in the hand. Without putting anymore chips in you would be able to gauge better if you want to raise or dump. I tend to dump if they all call.

      Turn could be any thing,most of the time they just hit their hand when they shove into a smaller pot.


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        Check out this link:

        Pot is small, risk is big with top pair no kicker, so I'm folding this more often than not to be honest.

        I think i am good enough to find a less risky spot to play for stacks on a "hero call".

        Trying to go with "leveling thoughts", and put the opponent on a pretty sophisticated BLUFF in this spot because he might be aware that YOU are aware of the Baluga Theorem is pretty far fetched in a free roll.

        If you had MORE value in your hand, say top pair top kicker, you MIGHT be able to snap off a silly bluff here by calling for value, but ANY 1 pair hand in this spot is highly vulnerable.

        so with a small pot, discretion is the better part of valor, and just fold to wait for a better spot.
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