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should I have called? Or was it a good fold?

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  • should I have called? Or was it a good fold?

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    The fold is fine.


    You start the hand in the BB on a 74BB stack behind your post.
    The pot limps 3 way to you, and you check your option.

    The flop comes "ok" for you, and when the SB checks, you lead out for half pot (2BB) on the Ah 8h As board.

    This lead bet, and the amount, is quite appropriate because:

    A) No one raised pre flop, you you may well have the best hand.
    B) There are numerous cards (any h, and over to the 8) which may come and make someone given a free card a better hand than you.

    If your hand were STRONGER, say an Ax, you MIGHT think about checking the flop to induce a bet by someone else, but I think I would still prefer a lead of half pot to avoid seeing an "action killer" card on the turn if I held trips.

    If someone CALLS your bet, especially if they have position on you, you can easily be in a sticky spot because your kicker is weak and your hand is not uber strong.
    But betting out NOW on your holding "wakes you up" to the threat potential of even a call, and let's you (possible) adopt a pot control line in what is a very small pot in a deep money situation.

    If someone RAISES you, there is no real "need" to contest over this tiny pot with what could easily be a 2nd best hand having little chance to suck out.

    That is what happens, and you fold as you should in most all circustances...

    You gotta remember that even the BEST players fold the best hands sometimes, and when there is an iffy spot like this where you MIGHT be on the best hand but you might not be, saving yourself the big chip loss is worth more than what might be a relatively small chip gain.

    So Good Fold.
    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Thank you for taking the time to explain it all out to me. I think I will be using this tool in the future many times.



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