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3 consecutive shoves

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  • 3 consecutive shoves

    These three consecutive hands are from a 10th anniversary freeroll satty, 10 entries paid. I thought I was too short stacked to have any chance to win, so I decided it was shove or fold time. Not really wanting an analysis, just thought it was an interesting series of hands. PokerStars Game #70566999172: Tournament #468877528, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (1000/2000) - 2011/11/14 21:48:45 CT [2011/11/14 22:48:45 ET] Table '468877528 61' 10-max Seat #4 is the button Not sure why I got the error will try relinking. Couldn't get the link to work with all 3, had to split them up
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    If you shove or play multiple hands in a row... less and less hands will call you. All it takes is to be ahead and have the one you get called hold. It's a tough call on the 3rd one, but you did have the best hand and it did hold. Good job umbup:

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      Nice Quadruple up in 3 hands. Good Jobumbup:umbup:


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        I had my first deep run in one of these today, my highest position was about 20th of the last 40 and I went out around 30th shoving over a limper and getting called and busted by them. (I had Q high, they had K high)

        I did notice that below about 100 players things tightened up a lot, the really big stacks were trying to preserve their chips, and anyone shoving 5-10BB was often getting through the table. Even when I was 20th I still needed to double up to get anywhere near the stack size of the top ten, so I wasn't sure why so few people with similar stacks were willing to get involved when they needed to do the same. I stole quite a lot of blinds and limped chips shoving. My stack had plenty of fold equity over all but the biggest stacks, as I think average at the table was roughly 1.5 to 2 x what I had.

        Certainly there was a big adjustment to make from the early stages. Hope to get in that position again and get the crucial hands to hold, as you did here.

        good luck

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          Nice series of hands Joy!

          First 2, pretty easy shoves really, but not so easy to pull the trigger on. It is so possible to "lose heart" especially after you won your first shove on a walk, and not jam with only 7.5BB on a tiny pp.
          Great job pulling the trigger.

          3rd hand, if you had 15BB I'd think that was a teeny bit loose without read info. But on 10BB and in your blind, it is just fine to call. You have to figure the 60k stack is targetting your blinds pretty wide, and while 44 is still probably racing versus most of even a bluffy pressure range (say if he bluffs like Q5o, it is still a race), you NEED that race with 44. You win it, you have a nicely sized resteal stack, and you are within 1 pot or so of being back on a stack with a lot more options.

          So great job seeing all those things, and moreso ACTING on them!
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            From 5 bigs to 21 in three ez clicks.... A story by joy. nice.
            May the tinfoil protect you. MT



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