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Observations at a Cash Table

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  • Observations at a Cash Table

    I've been trying of late to practice the habit of observing the betting patterns of my opponents and use that information to the best advantage. Here is 3 hands I played today at a micro-cash table against two villains with very different styles of play. Villain 1 - Sitting to my immediate left, observed to be very loose and will barrel flop and turn regardless of hitting. Villain 2 - A tight player who will only play strong starting hands and will check-fold the flop if he doesn't hit. Example 1 I'm in the Small Blind Villian 1 in the Big Blind Villian 2 in Seat 8 Pre-Flop - V2 raises 4x the blind so I'm putting on a Category 1-2 hand. I was thinking of folding here with my pocket 8's but I've seen him fold easily before so I decide to set-mine and see what happens. V1 calls too, no surprise there. Post-Flop - I don't hit an 8 but I still think I'm in OK shape so I barrel off about a half-pot bet. V1 re-raises me. This is the first time I seen him re-raise and it get's my attention. V2 continues to be passive and get's out of the way. Turn - Turn card opens-up the possibility of a straight for V1 but I don't think he has this. I'm guessing here that he's holding a deuce. I should have checked the turn but sometimes I think that indicates weakness so I barrel again. V1 jams all his stack in and I'm folding so fast you would not believe. He is giving me every indication he has hit trip 2's or an over-pair to my 8's and I don't think it's worth calling the size of this bet.
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    Example 2 Im' in the Highjack position V1 is in the Cut-off V2 is UTG Pre-Flop - V2 puts out his standard 4x raise which indicates a very strong hand for his position and range. I call and would gladly fold if a Ace or King comes out on the flop if V2 barrels. V1 calls as-well, shock of shocks! He has a VPIP of 75% Post-Flop - V1 checks and because he's been pretty passive so far this to me indicates weakness. I want to protect my hand so I bet about 80% of the pot. V1 only calls this time. V2 again gets out of the way. Turn - The turn isn't a scare card and again I think I'm in good shape against his range so I barrel again and again V1 only calls (In example 1 he jammed here). River - I'm getting a little worried but not prepared to check the river. I have no doubt that if I checked here V1 would have shoved and I'd end up releasing the hand. I barrel again and V1 gives it up.
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    Example 3 Not as much to talk about in this hand. I'm in the Big Blind and get to see the flop for the price of a blind. I hit top-pair and put out a min-bet. My old buddy V1 re-raises, setting off alarm bells from my experience in example 1. I let it go even though I think I could be ahead, it looks like a hand that has trouble written all over it.
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    I hope this post didn't bore the crap out of you guys. I'm trying to put to use all the things I've learned here at PSO in the live-training session, the study group and the forums. It's only recently I started paying some attention to the styles and betting patterns of opponents. My style would have been similar to V2 above where I'd only enter the pot with a premium hand and fold it if the the flop didn't fit. Now I'm more willing to bet out if I think I'm ahead of my opponents range even though it's scares the hell out of me most of the time. Raiser

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    In the first hand, I'd have put the tight opp on AK or AQ, that missed the flop, so they got out (especially if they're playing passive). The loose opp, with position, could be repping a 2... but also could be A3, 44 or two clubs.
    They could have you beat, you may be ahead.. really hard to tell, so I think folding is the correct play. Save your chips and get them into a situation where you know you're ahead.

    Second one. Very good that you picked up on the opp when they just called on the turn, instead of barrelling like the first hand. When the opp did this, I absolutely would bet the river and the opp got out of the way.... which would lead me to the conclusion from the first hand... that the opp had a 2 or A3 or 44 and wasn't on a draw. I also think the 4BB raiser probably had another AK or AQ hand that missed.

    Third hand: this one makes me rethink a little about the first hand. You hit top pair, bet the flop, but then the opp raises the flop. Honestly, I think you may have had the best hand at that point (but in trouble due to draws). That could very easily have been a flush draw for the opp, especilly if they had the 6 of spades. If they had 6x spades and the x was an overcard to the board or pocket spades with overs to the board, then they would be the favorite in the hand (why they raised). If so, then that would make me go back and look at the first hand and put 4x of clubs well into their range for the first one. They'd have had 2 pair and a flush draw and barrelled due to the fact that even if you were ahead now, they'd have had outs to beat you on the river.

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