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  • Aggressive

    Was I too aggressive ? It was a bit early into the game to get any reads on the other players This was my third orbit with just a few limpers preflop and a few button steals
    Last edited by spike8998; Sat Nov 12, 2011, 09:47 AM.

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    Not really...


    I am not one to advocate playing small suited connectors oop for a limp very often, unless of course you are willing to take the betting lead on draws you might flop. This does not mean it is a BAD thing to do all the time on a 40BB stack, as you do have some play in that stack that can allow you to MAYBE win a big pot in the right circumstances.

    I think lacking a read as to whether a raise would get the BB and the limper to fold, calling along to see what the flop brings is better than raising. If you have any serious leaks when playing draws oop, a fold MIGHT be better still.


    You flop the world.

    You have the nut hand, plus you hold 2 "blocker" diamonds to anyone drawing at a better flush.
    That is as good as it gets.

    To be honest, I'm not in favor a lot of times with making a pot size bet in that spot, at least not unless you KNOW at least 1 opponent will call with a lesser hand.

    Since this pot went to the flop 3 way for a limp, the chances someone holds a pp bigger than the board exists, and that hand would likely pay off the full value of a pot size bet on at least 1 street (and may even raise you), but a lesser bet of around half to 2/3rds pot might serve you better in keeping around hands like gut shot draws with 1 over or flush draws.

    Do not get me wrong, if you CAN get a pot size bet called by less, it is far better; EVERY HAND is "less" than your hand now.

    Plus, if you get raised after making a pot bet, it sets you up quite nicely to build a BIG pot here.
    I just think you may run out some of the lesser hands with a pot size bet that may stay around for a half or 2/3rds bet though.

    When you get raised though, I do not mind at all you 3Betting the nuts here.

    Since you DID make a pot size bet, and since that does tend to show strength, the fact someone raises probably means they do have the over pair, and means they are quite likely to call some sort of 3Bet at least.

    COULD you flat his raise, and ensure he sticks around for the turn? Sure you could.

    But doing that may throw another diamond up (one that does not make you a straight flush), or throw up an A or K.

    These cards could dry up action from an over pair that he is probably willing to give you on the flop.
    When you flop this huge, you really would LOVE to build as large a pot as possible, so immediately raising, instead of waiting, is not a bad thing at all.

    Obviously, when you 3Bet over half your stack holding the nut hand, there is NO WAY you are folding to his 4bet...

    TURN and Later...

    After you get exactly what you want, as many chips in as possible when you have the nut hand, your decisions are all over; it is all down to luck.

    That 6d on the turn ends ANY sweat you might have had here, and a good thing too.
    It would have been SICK to lose with this hand to a runner runner boat.

    Well played Spike!
    Last edited by JDean; Sat Nov 12, 2011, 11:07 AM.
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      Good job Spike... I like it! umbup:

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        IMHO, not too aggressive. You were super strong.
        Actually, I think the BB played the hand too aggressive.


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          Not sure what you mean by where you too aggressive. If you mean should you have slow played this flop, the answer is no, slow playing it would be pretty horrible actually. There are so many turn cards that are action killers.

          The guy with TT is a classic example of playing a large pot with a small pot hand, def. make notes.
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