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The Cowardly Lion

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  • The Cowardly Lion

    I think the preflop action is standard; I raise the limper with pocket jacks. C-bet the flop, standard. Value-bet the turn, standard. On the river I check behind, I hate this in retrospect. At the time I was thinking that if I check and lose I'm still in good shape and if I bet and get raised I may fold the best hand. Now I'll tell you why I think I should have value-bet the river: Aces, kings and queens are not in the limp-callers range. Hands like ace nine suited, smaller pocket pairs and suited connectors are. He could call my value-bet with ace nine (which he had), pocket tens, pocket eights and maybe pocket sevens or sixes. The only hands I think he could have that beat me are pocket nines, pocket fives and ace five and given the action these hands seem unlikely. After seeing his hand I felt very stupid knowing that a value-bet of half pot is getting called every time. On the upside I did finish in second. Is my check terrible?

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    I may be wrong, I think I won this one.


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      If you've got notes on the opp, or a very good read... knowing that they would not raise with QQ+ preflop.... then the check is ok.

      Unless I specifically knew that, I'd make a value bet on the river. There is an outside chance that you could be beat by someone sandbagging A5 or A3... but I'd take my chances.

      Even if you made a 1/2 pot bet and lost, you still have a playable stack of over 25BB if you lost... but you will be called, especially early in a tourney, by alot of hands that your JJ crushes.

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        Well, you got two streets of value with your pair, which usually is pretty good. River changes almost nothing, so your Jacks are probably still good for one more street. Bet/fold as if he raises on the river you're dead, but you can get value from a bunch of hands.
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