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$0.25 45 man SNG

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  • $0.25 45 man SNG

    This was a $0.25 45 man SNG. The bubble had just popped. I had 26 BB to start, The big blind should have been pushing a wide range, and the fold equity against him was high. The small blind was a different story. The big stack was at my table for about half the tournament. They were playing 70/10 and had not 3-bet. What would be the optimal line to take? Thanks for you thoughts, Troy
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    why on earth are you concerned about BU and "folding equity" against him? If he pushes - you call, if he folds he folds. Simple as that, he doesn't concern us. Same goes for BB, but an automatic call there.

    If sb has been playin 70/10 w/o a single 3-bet i opt to raise here a lot more, to about 2k, if he comes over the top then we are beat, but he will most likely just call (which leaves us in great spot OTF, we got position and shipping is our optimal move).

    This flop is actually not that bad for you and his lead looks very weak, i am raising it right there. If he calls/raises we are beat. Calling 400 is worst play here, folding would be better as calling 400 doesn't accomplish anything and can only lead you into a lot of trouble.


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      If it's after the bubble and you're ITM, the BB should be instantly calling with basically ATC.... and never folding.

      If the sb was playing those numbers, then you will want to take the optimum line for playing against a calling station.... value bet, value bet, value bet.

      I'd have probably raised a bit more preflop, to 1.5-2k, then made a value raise on the flop (probably in the 1/2 pot range). If they raise, you know they have a K and you can get out of the hand. If not, and I'd expect just a call from a station, then you re-evaluate on the turn.

      If they min bet again on the turn, then I'm most likely shoving it as a raise. Yes, they could wake up with a K or 5, but there are so many combinations that you're ahead that I'd take the rise and try to get a double-up from them.

      The board pairing again on the river, is actually another good thing, as it lowers the number of cards that can beat you (as there are 3 outs they could have hit to an overcard, only 2 for a board pair).

      Once you're ITM, then you want to get into the top 3, and the risk to double up (especially against a calling station) since you have a made hand is worth it.

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        Thanks for the valuable information. It is appreciated.

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          Open raising to 2.5BB is fine if that is your standard.


          That's a pretty good flop for you.
          Villain's lead screms draw, as a K is betting more to deny odds to draw, but still be inviting; about 1200/1300 is probably more like what a K is betting.
          Flatting is not great here, as a 4th diamond does not give you great confidence at all.

          You can raise that lead, making it around 1500/1600 to go, and still get away, or you can launch a bigger bet of around 2k to 3k to go or so, and set yourself up for a turn stand over a 2nd weak bet by the villain, or a turn check w/o seeing a diamond.

          Both bets would be preferable to flatting the 400.


          As played, checking behind to continue keeping the pot small, since any pair on the board might be in this guy's range is not bad. Depends on what you are willing to call if he leads the river though, as there should be an amount you are prepared to call if no diamond shows, and another amount if a diamond does show.

          If you had raised flop to 1500/1600, no need to bet what might be thin value. A check would be fine.

          If you had bet 2k to 3k, this is a fine card to jam on. It does not figure to help villain much, and a jam with 1 to come is probably winning you this pot or getting you max value if the villain is loose enough to call on a draw with 1 to come. sue, you'll lose sometimes, but this has not been played strongly enough after the turn villain check to really think anything but a draw.


          As played, you've controlled the pot size so you can call bets exactly like this. The guy may well have the 2, he is wide enough pre flop, but enough of the time he is on an ad and thinks the doble paired board "saved" him.

          If you bet 1500/1600 on the flop, then checked the turn, same goes for a call of a 1200 lead. Thing is, the lead may be BIGGER had you raised to this amount, but with the pot around 4800 you are probably still seeing like a 2k bet that is call-able.

          If you raised to 2k/3k on the flop, and jammed the turn, the decisions were all over.
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