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MTT Confusion

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  • MTT Confusion

    There are 250+ remaining in the 1.10 3k guarantee and I get nines utg. Because of my stack size I was confused about what to do... I wasn't sure if I should push, min-raise or fold (I didn't give folding much thought). I decided to push for to reasons: 1. I was quite short 2. If I raise and get a caller there will be over cards and I could get pushed off the best hand. Did I make a mistake? Or is this standard? If we want to be results oriented it was a flip and if I won I would have had a good chance to make a run at the final table.

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    that hand is pretty standard and I like the push, as it maximizes your fold equity. If you get called, it will be by 2 over cards for a race (which is what you got) or an overpair (what you don't want).

    These race situations will happen more and more as the tourney goes on and you'll need to win a few of them to get to a FT.

    If there was a pay jump with another 1 or 2 out, I may use clock to get it.... but then I'd be pushing, just like you did.

    The one option you list that I would NEVER consider, is a min raise. If you're going to raise, either make a std raise (2.5-3BB) or shove.

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      Thank you. I thought that it was probably the right play, but losing can make me second guess myself. If I did raise 2.5-3x instead of pushing am I planning to call a shove or fold to a shove? If I plan to call the inevitable shove is it better to just push?


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        12-15 BB is not short in my eyes, its good enough to wait for better cards especially UTG.

        Yesterday i watched a live game and noticed for the first time that 2 overcards have a 47% to win against a small pair. So I think its defenitally a coin flip.


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          I think you had to shove and he had to call.. IF you were going to call a post flop shove, then your best option is for sure shove first, as you'll leverage max fold equity(esp. From EP) and because you'll most likely be being called by someone with position on you if you standard raise, and if you shove postion is irrelevant. all and all, on your stack size, I think you played it well.
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            Originally posted by hamburglarid View Post
            If I plan to call the inevitable shove is it better to just push?
            Yes, if youre' going to call a shove, it's better to shove first (to put the pressure on your opponent, instead of you). If you std raise, then you could fold... then shove the next playable hand you get... BUT... I like the initial shove in this situation.

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              I'd like to raise/call if I were in later position or if I have any stealing in my image and there are aggressive re-raisers at the table.

              If you don't ever expect to be 3-bet with worse, shoving is fine, as you can get called by plenty worse or flipping hands. (77, A8s, etc.) I'm mostly raise/calling here, unless my read says I'm unlikely to get 3-bet with worse.
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