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Should i be this aggresive with AQ

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  • Should i be this aggresive with AQ

    Hi I dont play many cash tables as i find them a little boring. I didnt have any reads as i was playing two tables not really paying attention to other players. I know once i get raised post flop i am probably beat but have to call anyway. I cant imagine folding no matter how i played it. I didnt really stop and think about it AK, AJ i am beat A10 probably not. The best i could hope for was a split pot. Look forward to how you would approach this hand.

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    the initial raise to 10 cents is alot more than a normal raise at these tables (would put the opp on QQ+ with a raise like that). You also get 2 callers before you. I'd have just called the initial raise or even considered mucking it preflop... especially out of position. I would not re-raise pre, because with 3 opps calling a 5BB bet already, AQ will not be the best hand and I would not want to be playing a big pot out of position.

    When you hit the ace on the flop and get raised, you're going to be behind basically everytime. The opp has already called 2 raises pre and then raises again on the flop.

    AK is in the opps range, but so are a set and 2 pair.

    I think that's way too aggressive to be playing at a 2NL table.

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      You have to go with top pair good kicker in a reraised pot on PSR of 2.
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        The question is should you play AQ this aggressively? IMHO, no. Not in this situation. To me, when the cutoff flatted your 3 bet it should have been a red flag and slowing down would have been in order. Also, creating a bloated pot preflop with the 5x 3 bet is probably not a profitable approach given that AQ is not even a made hand at that point. A much smaller 3 bet (maybe 2.4x) would have accomplished the same goal and allowed you to exercise some measure pot control in a marginal situation such as this. Just my humble opinion. Best of luck. umbup:
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