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If been loosing for a week

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  • If been loosing for a week

    Hi, I've been loosing for a week now, and would like to have some hands analyzed to see what I'm doing wrong. When I have a good hand somebody ends up showing a better hand (just today I lost an A-K to A-A), so now I am just afraid everytime a higher card shows on the board. Whenever I have an A or K it just won't show up, and if it does, someone will have trips or better, yesterday I had A-Q, flop comes out Q-Q-10, turn A, river 4, I played aggressively and the other guy ends up showing K-J and makes a straight, I lost a bunch of money. Sadly, I could find this hand on my history, but similar things have been going on thru the week. Now I have lost money that took 3 weeks to earn. However, I will post a few examples of todays hands, hope you can help. First:
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    Second example


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      Hand #1:

      Not a TON wrong here, but you might not have given yourself max chance to win. Consider...

      As played, you took a somewhat passive, fit or fold line with your AKo.
      There is nothing truly "wrong" with that, as you will miss the flop about 2/3rds the time.
      By playing your AKo for a call, you will tend to keep the pot smaller, and make it easier to fold a cheaper amount when you do miss and the opponent keeps betting.

      By simply calling that raise, you gave away a lot of your ability to represent a variety of hands on a variety of flops.
      You did not "test" the late position raiser's willingness to put more money into the pot, so you left yourself with only 1 way to win: making the best hand.

      When you missed the flop, you then check/call the open raiser's bet.
      Again, there is nothing truly "wrong" with this, as the board does not carry a whole lot which might "help" an open raiser's hand (if he started un-paired).
      If the villain is on ANY un-paired hand, you hold the best hand on this flop, so calling is not "bad" per se.

      You never once "test" his hand by firing a bet.
      You check the turn, and when the villain checks behind you, that could open the door for a river bet by you.
      You gotta think that someone with a PAIRED hand would likely have some sort of over pair to the all small flop.
      If they have this sort of hand, they will not be really "scared" of the turn 9.
      Had you launched a half pot to 2/3rds pot river bet, there is a good chance the villain here "gives up" and you take this one down.

      Keep in mind though, that sort of aggression kind of needs to be set up EARLIER in the hand to have a good chance of working; if you wait until the river, it looks "polarizing" (a polarized bet is one which is either great strength, or very little strength).
      A lot of mircro stakes players "leak" chips by CALLING too much (and too often), so you may not have seen a river bet work here.
      but I do know that had you shown the aggression your strong gr 2 hand warranted EARLIER, you would have stood a much better chance of winning this hand whether you hit an A or K or not.

      Hand #2:

      This is pretty much a cooler really.

      When you raise, and the shorter stack re-raises, you have plenty of reason to flat that bet (as you did).
      When the flop misses you and the villain checks, any sort of reasonable bet by you (around half pot bet) is going to find you in a pretty stick spot of getting around 2 to 1 to call the remainder of the villain's stack if he jams on a check/raise.
      Taking the opportunity to turn your AK into a "drawing hand" by peeling a card for free is just fine; that free card brings you a top/top hand on the turn.

      You gotta realize that when you STARTED this hand, the most likely hand you would hold at the river would be exactly what you have here: top pair/top kicker.
      When the villain leads out for 27c, of course you are (at least) calling after you hit what you were playing for, right?

      If you are willing to at least call the 27c, and when by doing so you see the pot grow to 92c, is there any real way you are NOT calling the remaining 56c in the villain's stack if he decides to launch it on the river? Afterall, You'd be getting about 2.64 to 1 odds for a call at that point, so you'd only need to be right" that your top/top hand is best about 27.5% of the time to break even on a call for the rest of his chips. Without any specific read info, it is hard to say if you have that 27.5% chance to be "right" here, but if you think he might do that with AA/KK/QQ/JJ/TT/99/88, as well as hands like KQ/KJ (esp suited in spades), there are "enough" hands you are ahead of to make a call a pretty decent move.

      I'll be honest though, since I'd know I would be willing to call teh rest of his chips on the river, I'd not want to give the villain ANY chance to FOLD those chips without putting 'em in for me. I'd be more inclined to raise him all in on my K spike. But as I said, tehre ARE villain types where your line would be preferable, so there are not necessarily any reasons to say you did anything "bad" n this hand.

      ...and that makes it jsut a cooler. They happen.
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        I have been playing long enough to know that aq beats a straight on a qq10a4 board, you couldn't have been beaten by a straight.


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          You're right, my mistake there, but as I said I couldn't find it in my history so tried to illustrate The idea was I had 2 top pairs (ej A-A, Q-Q) and the other guy hit the straight. Thanks for your comment anyway.


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            error, see next post

            error, could't delete it see next post
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              another one Ok, should I have realized what this guy had earlier??


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                The last hand, I did NOT put the opp on what they had. I put one on a big ace (AK or AQ) and the other on A2 for a straight.

                I don't mind staying to see the river (since you saw the turn), to see if you hit a flush, but when you miss the river, you need to muck. Someone will at least have an A with a bigger kicker and with 2 opps raising, they most likely both beat your A 10.

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                  Heh, his hand was my first guess at what he had. Really plays like it.

                  Preflop, raise. You have an early position limper and you have a hand that's way ahead of his range and very playable. Try to iso him if possible. If he's a tight player and calls you, he probably has a pocket pair. JTs type hands are possible too, but mainly a lot of pocket pairs 22-99.

                  When he check/minraises the flop, unless he's doing this as a bluff, you're dead. Dump your AT instantly. You don't have any outs really except your backdoor flush draw, as his range consists almost entirely of sets (maybe 45, probably not playing AQ/AK this way but who knows). The turn brings you the nut flush draw so you have an obvious call. When you miss on the river you have nothing but a bluff catcher. For his 2 cent lead I'm calling just to see what he had. But with a third player in there who likes to minraise you should probably just fold. You're always beat.
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                    Once again... I recovered from my bad beat for like 3 days and now yesterday its all over again. I was able to win like 3 bucks and now once again lost 7 in 2 days. Yesterday examples: A-A lost to A-2 in a A-x-x-2-x board (don't remember the other cards), this got me out of SNG, A-k with A-K-6-x-x lost to straight, got me out of SNG, A-10 straight lost to villains flush with 95s, got me out of SNG, Q-Q-Q lost to another flush, got me out of SNG, etc, etc, etc... and the following, fresh off the tables, the villain had already made me fold Q-Q on previous hand, and I knew he was palying loose. However I play, I can't get to build up my bankroll.


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                      next SNG this got me out of the second SNG I was playing today, after the one on my previous post, I don't think I can continue with this. It seems always someone calls with a lousy hand and gets the better of me, in this case I didn't raise preflop because I was just dissapointed with it all.


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                        Even though you're a big favorite, AA will lose that hand 28% of the time. Unfortunately, you hit one of the 28%.

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                          for the AQs hand... why min raise? If you're going to raise, then you need to be raising more.. or just flat it. When you miss the flop, you need to muck to an all-in.

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                            this got me out of the next SNG This hand got me out of the SNG I played ofter being kicked out of another with the previous hand I posted:


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                              You were a big favorite here, but just got un-lucky.

                              The only thing you MIGHT have done differently would be to shove all in when it got back to you, but TBH your action here was fine too (re-raising a committing amount for you in hopes you do not fold out everyone), as long as you are willing to put the rest in on ANY flop.

                              As played, you got the all in pre-flop, and the BIG POT, you want with your AA while that is the nut hand, so nothing at all wrong with your play here.

                              This is just bad luck and it happens.

                              NEXT HAND PLEASE!

                     about all you can say.
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