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Suited A8 early in tournament

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  • Suited A8 early in tournament

    This is the 11th hand a Bronze star 10c tournament. In late position I decided to call and have a look at a flop. The result was pretty good for me and with the flop checked back to me I checked too to see a free card (not sure if I should have been pot building at this point on a strong draw?). The turn made my flush and I called, following a bet and raise - my thinking was with nut flush if others were in with straight draws or lower flushes I didnt want to push them out. I was slightly concerned that someone had made a full house or quads with the second 6 on the river, although two pair and straights were also likely holdings. I am not sure if I was wishing that people were on hands that I could beat at this point - limping the first round could have small pocket pairs in ranges - an issue I am trying to address. Interested in others thoughts on this hand. Thanks in advance, John
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    I would have raise on the turn to get value from a lower flush/draw and in the back of my head I would worry that my flush is not the nuts at this point, but not to the point where i wouldnt raise.

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      With that draw, I'd have made a small bet on the flop, if for nothing else, than to see where I'm at and maybe get rid of a couple of the players that saw the flop. You do have an ace and the nut flush draw, so you wouldn't be betting without a strong draw.

      The turn, you can really make a case for both calling or raising, but I prefer to raise.

      If you call, then yes, you have the current best hand and someone could have easily hit a straight.. that you have crushed. The problem is that someone could also have small suited connectors for 2 pair and have outs on you... along with someone having a straight flush draw.

      If you raise, then yes, the first two players could easily drop, but the raiser will normally call your bet and if so, then you're getting more value for the flush. Also, 2 pair will be less likely to call a raise and a re-raise, so you could fade off a player that can outdraw you.
      Due to that, I like this option better and would re-raise an amount that I thought the original raiser would call.

      The river is a bigtime scare card with everyone still in. Especially when the person that was sitting back and calling everything suddenly decides to lead out and bet!
      The raiser from the turn raises again on the river (which would make me put them on a straight or lower flush).
      I like your flatting the raise from seat 1... but then the original bettor pushes.
      When they then push, that basically puts them on one of 2 hands (either a full house or a straight flush that they slowplayed on the turn). Due to that, I'm cringing and wishing that I raised the turn to try and drive out a 2 pair hand... and muck.

      You still have a very playable stack, but could have possibly taken down the pot on the turn if you raised... or at least only been up against a straight or lower flush and not a 2 pair hand that hits a full house. Although, if the opp has the straight flush... there isn't much you can do, because they're calling any raise that you make on the turn.

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