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AK played twice

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  • AK played twice

    I picked up AK in consecutive hands - this is in same Hubble tournament as earlier posting. I think the first hand was played okay, although happy to get input on this too, while the second I am less happy with. Looking at this now I think I should have flatted the re raise and reviewed after the flop. I got tied to the hand by re raising preflop :-( John updated replayer link - sorry didnt work first couple of times
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    In the first one, I like the preflop raise. With that many people seeing the flop, I do not like the flop raise. Either muck, or just call because it's too early that the maniacs and calling stations that could have also hit the flop are still in. Someone most likely has at least a Q, so raising without the best hand, especially in an astronomer tourney, is nothing but trouble. Yes, you took the pot down, but more often than not, if you play the hand that way in this type of tournament, you're going to lose alot of chips.

    Second hand, you raised to 200 preflop but didn't have the limper before you like you did in the first hand. The raise should have been less due to not having the previous limper. The opp raised you from 200 to 1050 (over 5X). That type of raise will normally only be for a monster or total air (this early, more toward the monster). Re-raising to 2000, while you do have a very good hand preflop, I don't like the re-raise, as the opp most likely has a high pocket pair and you only have ace high. This early, I'd muck to that big of a raise, but if you play the hand, I'd only call, not re-raise.
    On the flop, you led out for about 1/2 pot with nothing but air, when the opp's bets most likely range them to a high pocket pair. In the long run, that's going to be a big leak, giving chips away.. as it basically commits you to the pot with nothing but ace high (you also don't have a flush or straight that you can draw 1 card to). You then push the turn with complete air again. If you're going to push the rest in, I'd rather do it all on the flop and at least give the opp something to think about... instead of breaking it up and pushing the turn, when the opp has a very easy call due to pot odds.

    Early in the astronomers, with all the maniacs, stations, etc still in the torunament, trying to pull off a bluff like these will normally get you into nothing but trouble. They may work against a more experienced TAG player... but that is not what you will have at your table this early in these tournaments.

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