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1st hand Hubble freeroll

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  • 1st hand Hubble freeroll

    First hand in a Hubble Freeroll. At the time I felt like the hand played itself, but thinking about it I am not sure that my betting line was really a good one. Having flopped the nuts I was happy to get money in, not sure that another opponent would respond in similar fashion. Appreciate any thoughts. Thanks in advance, John
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    I can't see the hand (says no data)
    But that said having flopped the nuts on the flop in the first hand i'm very happy to get it in and expect to be called by any gutshot or back street draw in these freerolls.

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      I don't see any data either. However, if you flop the nuts on the first hand... what can draw to a higher hand than you have... is the question I'd want to know the answer to. Can they outdraw you with one card?

      If it takes runner/runner to beat you, then I'd be very happy calling any push but would want to do what I could to keep as many maniacs in the hand with me as possible. I would make sure that I was NOT the first one to push. Let the maniacs do it for you, so you don't drive any of them out of the hand first.

      If they can outdraw you with only 1 card, then I'm playing the hand alot more conservatively, as I do not want to bust out on the first hand.

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        Im getting it in 100% of the time here with absolute nuts and no flush draws out there. From my experience in the Hubble Freeroll you really need to chip up to get a ticket as the field is so large, if it fills up to 9,000 players only 0.8% of those players get a ticket. Good job getting it in with the nuts that is a great spot to chip up.


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          the data's up for me now.

          First.. I thought I was watching a limit game for a second. That's alot of raises back and forth on the flop. After they raised me the second time, I'd have just shoved right then. With two raises by the opp, the chips are most likely going into the pot anyway.

          3 suited rainbow flop and with the highest straight available, as of that point, I'd put my chips in, in a second. If someone had 2 pair and draws out on me.. so be it, as they'd have 4 outs (16% equity).... they'll have to put in basically 1/2 the pot, so it's a -EV move for them everytime.

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