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    those types of hands happen and early in a tournament, they'll always make me nervous, even though I know most likely have the best hand. Was this in a PSO game, or an mtt or sng? You also should have some sort of read, hopefully, on the opp by now, if they were at your table the entire time the tourney's been running.

    If it's a PSO game, I'm really nervous, due to the negative point impact that can happen. Best case the opp has an under pair or suited connectors at max of K high. Then Ax and the one hand you do not want to be up against is AA. If you don't put the opp on AA, then I'm calling it and hoping for the best. If I put the opp on AA, then I'm cringing bigtime and putting them into the muck.

    In an mtt or sng, then I'm auto calling with KK. You're only behind one hand and I'd take my chances that they didn't have it.

    The way it turned out runs the whole lot of emotions too. Seeing Ax is good, as the opp has 3 outs... BUT... hits two of them on the flop. Now you've got 2 outs.. and spike one on the turn. That now gives the opp 7 outs on the river (three 8's, an A, three 3's). Luckily for you, they missed the river.

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      Standard "suck out/re-suck out" situation really...

      When the guy jams in front of you, he will wake up with AA so rarely that there is no way you can consider folding. Not only is there 1 hand and one hand only that you "fear", if he had AA there is a decent chance he would NOT go all in immediately at this blind level in hopes of extracting some value. That means all indications are you are ahead, and at least a 70% favorite.


      Being a 70% favorite still means you will lose roughly 3 times out of every 10 you call. If you are un-willing to accept the good with the bad times here, you'd be passing up so many opportunities to chip up that you are essentially locking yourself into blinding down until you are FORCED to make a stand. When forced to stand, chances are very very good you will NOT find yourself as at least a 70% favorite.

      Just feel glad that he did NOT put out a smaller raise, one you could NOT commit yourself easily after calling or re-raising, and THEN see that double A board THAT point you'd have a sticky situation trying to get yourself to that 2 out "bink" you hit!
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