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Dumb and dumber

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  • Dumb and dumber


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    Title is right, horribly played by both of you... willing to stack off with 2nd pair and no kicker, and him with absolute air just calling lol


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      Once i start putting chips in the pot i just cant stop.LOL
      I will have to work on that.


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        lol that would be a wee leak!


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          te guy playes it so very wrong that it almost looks like chipdumping lol!!!!!!!


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            I agree with roomik. There's alot both of you could have done different.

            The opp makes a very weak raise on a steal attempt from the button. If they're going to do that, they should raise more than normal, or shove preflop. The min raise screams weakness and would make me want to see the flop from BB.

            On the flop, you hit 2nd pair. If you're going to take a shot at the pot, you need to be betting more than a min bet, I'd bet in the 1/2 to 3/4 pot... to see where I'm at in the hand.

            When the opp calls on the flop, that's normally trouble, as they should only do that if they hit something on the board. Due to this, I'd have checked the turn for pot control. You made a big bet and got called... another problem, because they should only do that twice with a big K or now a made straight.

            Pushing the river with 2nd pair, with a straight and pair on the board should only be a loss, as worse hands than yours should already be out of it and you were extremely lucky to win.

            I'd be making a note on the opp and want to be at their table as often as possible, with them playing air and not knowing how to bluff with it.

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              Ok, that is a pretty "zero level thinking" type call by the villain.

              There is a pretty extreme form of poker "thinking" which is so un-formed that it cannot even see that a hand like T hi un-improved is really un-likely to beat anything held (even a bluff) by a lead bettor at a pot. It is usually someone who is brand new to the game, and really does not understand how hands are made, what hands tend to win, etc.

              Alternately, this could be a play by someone who has "given up" in what they consider to be a free roll tournament where they have nothing to lose. Obviously, if this were a League game, or a Hubble Free roll, what that person did stand to "lose" was ANY chance at winning the "free" prizes available through play in those no cost tournaments with continued calls like this one.

              These are the kinds of calls you also might see in a PLAY MONEY Game, where the only thing this person would lose is a chance to practice using good poker skills...

              As for your play, it was WAY RISKY.

              I think you are correct in your statement that "once [you] started to put chips in, you couldn't stop." This is definately a CORRECT line of thought for your stack size though; once you'd put in the amount of chips you put in by representing the made straight with the 9 on the turn, you WERE sticking yourself for the rest of your chips. You that may not be what you need to work on (going for your stack if you put a large part in already).

              What you might be better served in looking at is making sure the situation gives you a good chance to be AHEAD, or a good chance of causing a FOLD, before you push your stack past comittment point.

              The villain here may have given some information before this hand that he was un-willing (or un-able) to FOLD marginal hands, so you really want to get in against him with a hand that does not have a big chance of being behind, say a top pair hand not a 2nd pair/no kicker type hand.
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                Originally posted by roomik17 View Post
                lol that would be a wee leak!
                HAHA DID HE SAY "WEE LEAK"

                I'd be making a note on the opp and want to be at their table as often as possible, with them playing air and not knowing how to bluff with it.

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                sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg



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