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Help me understand this (fr 2nl)

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  • Help me understand this (fr 2nl)

    I have completely lost myself on this one... first he limps in.. then 3 bets me (maybe thought i am stealing from the button? ) I re raised because i thought it was just a c-bet to make me fold Any thoughts /tips?

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    sometimes i laugh so hard tears run down my leg


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      Preflop is fine, though you should wonder what his limp/3-bet move means. For many players this screams AA, KK. For others they will mix in a wide range of semi bluffs here, from small pairs to suited aces and suited connectors. Calling is good as it keeps in any of his weaker hands he may be playing, while 4-betting will pit you up against the top of his range, and you don't want that.

      What's up with the raise on the flop? Do you have a read on this guy? Does he C-bet a lot? Does he fold often when his c-bet is raised? Regardless of your aim, I really don't like the raise sizing... It looks like you're going for the cheapest steal possible, and that's not going to happen. Okay so when you raise your chief goals should be to make better hands fold and/or worse hands call. What worse hand calls? Some club draws and straight draws sure, but you really don't have a value hand. What better hand folds? Remember, he limp/3-bet preflop, which should do something to his range. He's probably not folding a J if he has one, maybe 7x - TT...but I doubt he's playing much that way. Anyhow, yeah, he's often making this C-bet with air...but if he has air then YOU HAVE HIM BEAT. Do you really want to make him fold AQ? No! If you think he's generally messing around with air here, a good choice is to FLOAT this flop in position. For this move you just call his flop bet to see what he does on the turn. You actually have a textbook floating hand too. Two overcards and a backdoor nut flush draw. You have an A and a K which are blockers to him having AA or KK. Your hand has WAY too much equity to want to raise/fold it here. If you had a hand like 56 offsuit where you have no showdown value and little hope of winning the pot, then a raise intending to fold makes more sense, as you're not getting pushed off much. But with AK you're beating all his non-pairs, and may even have two live overcards. And you definitely have the backdoor nut flush draw.

      To summarize my plan: preflop exactly that, float the flop, reevaluate turn based on turn card and villain's action. Definitely would help to understand villain's limp/3-bet move.
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        Originally posted by oriholic View Post
        Preflop is fine, though you should wonder what his limp/3-bet move means. For many players this screams AA, KK.
        +1 umbup:

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