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What's the correct play? (Top/top vs. flop 3bet shove)

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  • What's the correct play? (Top/top vs. flop 3bet shove)

    Hi guys, just faced an interesting hand in a tournament (pretty early stage). Please note: We played several hands before. This one was actually 2 hands before. He seems to be fairly loose with his preflop game. Knowing that, what would you have done in the following hand? Reason I folded there: I got the other guy behind me, but wasn't really worried about his bet on the flop, since it was a standard cbet. I thought about similar situations I had in tournaments in the last time. I don't want to put my tournament life at risk there drawing nearly dead (facing a set) and I guess I am just ahead of some hands in his range (eg. KQ, JQ, Q10). Even this guy is pretty loose preflop. What are your thoughts on that? Thanks guys!
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    the first hand sounds like 99 or 10's. They raised preflop and mucked to missing the flop.... totally normal.

    2nd hand: AQ pretty early, out of position.... I'd highly consider mucking it preflop. That way you can avoid that type of situation. If you're playing it, I'd have raised a bit more to open with it. The check/raise is either a set of 3's/9's or a flush draw. Unless I had more info on the opponent with playing suited cards, it's a muck. Even if they have the draw, they're at least a 36% fav to win, more if they have a K.

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      Originally posted by JWK24 View Post
      the first hand sounds like 99 or 10's. They raised preflop and mucked to missing the flop.... totally normal.
      If that guy had a pair here he'd call. He probably has like Kx that missed, maybe as good as KT. This is definitely no TAG player we're talking about. For the second hand, calling a 3-bet out of position with AQ is no fun. What's your read on MYX? Any idea what his min 3-bet means? I'd be inclined to just shove (or repop to like 1300-1800 and prepare to call a shove) or fold. Generally among poor and passive players that sort of min 3-bet is indicative of a monster, like QQ-AA. Since you have a Q and an A, all signs point toward KK. It's a cheap price to call but you don't have a good implied odds hand and you'll be out of position. You're probably not going to stack KK on an A high board. On the flop, it's not totally impossible for you to have the best hand. You could be against KQ and . You're definitely not way ahead of both players though, and with 40 BBs, this looks like an unnecessary gamble.
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