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A flopped set 22's on AJ board

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  • A flopped set 22's on AJ board

    Hello , This is an interesting spot I found myself , I would like your thoughts as to whether you are prepared to call the flop , running the risk of the opponent drawing to a straight or a flush - ceding initiative in the hand in order to potentially accrue more value . In this situation I was relatively new to the table , I could not say whether the villain was a type however , he subsequently seemed quite straight forward . I reckon the villain had an Ace & was trying to force any less to fold . My hope was he would have AJ and we would get it in but , the raise forced his fold . My query relates to the fact I have seen a PSO training video (maybe it was Matthias De Meulder) where he allowed a flopped set to be driven by the opponent - calling the opponent on such a draw heavy board to try and take down a bigger pot (by not scaring the villain with aggresion) . With a 2.6:1 chance of a fullhouse flop to river , might we be advised to see every street instead of trying to get it all in on the flop ? The risk on seeing every street is we may lose the hand completely ... and by raising the flop with such aggresion we more likely win a nice little pot . I wonder what your thoughts are on this . Thankyou .

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    I like the way you played it. You got max value without giving your opp a chance to outdraw you. If there wasn't the str8 and flush draws... then I'd just call.. BUT... with two big draws out there, you're alot better off re-raising and taking it down right there. If they have both draws, instead of one... you're ahead, but they have alot of outs.
    It's better to get what you can get now than to let them draw at it.

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      Ok , JWk . Good advice .

      As good as it is to win big pots - we ought not to risk losing a pot with such a strong hand on draw heavy boards .

      Thankyou .
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        Depends on the type of opponent. Is he more likely to put money in from his own aggression, especially with bluffs or is he more likely to put money in by calling you with worse hands? That's not a terribly scary board anyhow. Now on I'm gonna go for max value early, especially since there are so many draws he can have/semi-bluff with/you can represent to get him to repop. But this board doesn't have too many super draws, Just like , , , . It's a fair amount, but your read here really determines whether just calling or reraising is the better play. His minraise is probably a sign he has nothing. I think calling and check/raising the turn or even check/calling will net better value a lot of the time.
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