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saturday 3.30 micro

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  • saturday 3.30 micro

    ok so this is probably the middle stage of the tourney, been on same table for the whole game so had picked up alot of reads on most of the players including villain, my image is super TAG i believe showing down AK, JJ QQ so far. basically when villain had something they would properly value bet and when had nothing you would see these pot size bets. i'm standard defending here with a "pretty" enough hand, flop 2nd pair and get the pot size bet thrown at me so im already thinking here we go another bluff, thinking i'm miles ahead. was my play silly or was their call silly? few hands later held KQ on a KQJ board, got called by the flush chaser and bang goes a great tourney, these things happen! next one

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    you got your chips into the pot with the opp having 6 outs on the river (you were an 88% fav)... that's basically all you can do. You made the exact correct play, just got unlucky. Those types of beats WILL happen, but over the long-term, you'll win that hand 8 out of 9 times... which means it's the correct play.

    FYI - flopping top 2 pair to a flush chaser is exactly how I got ko'd from a tourney on stars last night. It'll happen, but all you can do is to get your chips in when you're ahead... after that, it's up to how lucky you are at that point in time.

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      cool, kinda nice reading such a reply. at the time it happened i was asking myself how he could call in that spot on ace high especially with my table image and no straight draws or flush draws for himself. knowing now that it was a good play sort of re-lifts my confidence as it was fairly knocked back after that hand. I guess i just ran into one of those people that just can not fold AK.

      thanks man


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        What's your reason for jamming the turn? Your answer to this question determines whether you made a good play or not.

        His turn play with AK is pretty terrible, not the call so much as the pot bet though. With his hand and stack size he pretty much has to call if you shove, and he should have never put himself in that situation.
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          after watching this guy playing for 2.5hrs i'd noticed his betting patterns with made hands and bluffs, the way he played this hand fell into his bluff side of things, had a good 90% feeling was ahead so wanted to put the pressure on him with the shove. also if when the cards were turned if he had held top pair or an over pair i put myself as having about a max of 15 outs for a re-draw(7's,9's,10's.Q's). after the hand i decided to take a look at some stats of his and had i done that sooner i would have decided not to shove


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            If you are ready to go all-in with your hand at turn (which you did) you should push with it, not check raise all in. Some cases villain will fold his hand and you win pot uncontested. That means you cant lose to river card at all. Its very hard to AK to call when still having decent stack left with Ace high.

            Of course we lose value from bluffs but is it worth the risk?



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