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What is my play here?

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  • What is my play here?

    This hand happens on the final table bubble of a 25 cent 90 man sit and go. I'm certain that folding is the wrong play here, but I didn't know if the right play was to shove or make a 2.5x raise so I decided that folding would be my play. The previous blind was a similar situation and I raised 2.5x and my opponent called (which I think is a poor play because of his stack size). I think shoving might be the right play, but I don't like the idea of risking a quarter of my chips here because I'm the second largest stack with ten remaining. What should I have done? And why?

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    Depends on the BB's tendencies as well as how he perceives you.

    BB has only 13 BBs, so raise-folding sucks. If he's a nit who won't call or raise except with a monster then a small raise has merit, but in general I think folding is better than raising.

    Limping and shoving are your other options. Shoving is definitely +EV. No question there. But it risks a large amount of your stack for a small potential gain.

    Consider limping, intending to re-shove. If the BB picks up on your limp as weak and decides to raise to 3x or so, shoving over the top can now gain you a few extra BBs. Although he has shown strength he may just be trying to steal your limp. Obviously if you don't see him ever re-popping here without a strong hand you have an easy fold to his raise, but other times you get to see a super cheap flop that you can usually take down with a small bet, or he'll raise you with a hand he's not willing to commit (he shouldn't do this, but a weaker player might). Your hand K2 is actually a decent hand to mess around with too! You have a K blocker as well as an overcard to most pairs which generally will give you around 30% equity should he call your shove.

    If you're not willing to commit your whole stack preflop I suggest folding. Otherwise limp-shoving, while risky, has a nice payout for your gamble. (Though I would prefer if he had more like 18-25 BBs)
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