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2NL (6 max) J9 suited

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  • 2NL (6 max) J9 suited

    Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
    20 hands played - Hero: 6/0/0 - Vilain: 30/5/0 Hi guys I'm new here and would like to improve my game. Please give me some feedback on the above hand, all advice gratefully accepted. Thank you for your help.
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    hmmm, you might want to try posting that replayer again as it din't come up, if you are unable to do so then post the hand history as it reads.

    good luck


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      Working Now

      I think thats it working properly now.


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        I liked your bet sizing, just unlucky she could not fold, and as Dave tells us when an idiot shoves on the river they usually got it...


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          ouch unlucky man getting outdrawn there by river, these are the people you want to be playing with imo because they aren't always going to get there. personally i liked the bet sizing on the flop and the turn though when he called the flop i was thinking he may have been slowplaying the queen. however the river i'd have gotten out of there as i'd initially be scared that he actually was slowplaying the Queen and also the 9 does bring a possible straight out there but by calling you can see what he had and how he played it for future reference should you meet each other again, not much help there for you, a much more detailed post will be here later i'm sure

          good luck man


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            Fold the river. Try to think of a hand your opponent could be betting with that is worse than J9? The only hands you can beat are those that the villain is spazzing with like J8 or TT, 88, 77, 66, but would this player really turn these into bluffs here? On the other hand there is a lot that can beat you, any Q, KT, KJ, AJ, 99, 33 are all likely possibilities. When your opponent shoves the river J9 is pretty much a bluff catcher, unless you have a read the villain will frequently make spew bluffs on the river than you should fold.


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              I liked your bet sizing, but when the opp leads out on the river... that's trouble. K10 is definitely in their range and exactly what I put them on when I saw the river 9 and a push. Gotta fold to the river push.

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                No way you can fold that river getting better than 3 to 1. She could have diamonds or even K9.

                I'd probably just check back the turn though, at least then I could fold to a river shove.
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                  Originally posted by oriholic View Post
                  No way you can fold that river getting better than 3 to 1. She could have diamonds or even K9.

                  I'd probably just check back the turn though, at least then I could fold to a river shove.
                  You really think if passive villain had a diamond draw and they would check/call the flop and the turn and shove the river on a complete bluff? I don't see that, if the player is aggressive enough to shove the river on a air ball bluff than they would have shipped earlier in the hand imo. If they are shoving for value J9 is beat, is villain bluffing often enough to justify calling with the odds were getting?


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                    This is a kind of tough riverspot, but I think you might have put yourself into it by escalating the pot. Your hand strength relative to the board when called on flop and turn is marginal since you will most likely be splitting against most Jacks or losing to better ones and Qx.

                    There is some value to be gained on flop and turn from flush and straight draws, but I feel that checking back at least one of those two streets would be in order to keep the pot smaller and your opponent's range wider.

                    I feel that once he calls both flop and turn his range by the river will be so much stronger that it will be difficult to decide whether calling is profitable. The only bluffs he might have in his range are the busted FDs and maybe T8. I would make a decision based on your impression of villain. If he is a typical loose/passive guy I would probably fold the river even though we only have to be good 25% of the time.
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                      Feedback Appreciated

                      Thank you all for your advice. I really didn't know what to do on the river. My thoughts were a mixture of all the above answers. Just have to put it down to experience, and will learn from it. Thanks again guys.


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                        I would just like to add something that does not seem to have been addressed and that is table selection. You have bought in for the full amount I assume at a table with two short stacks. That is a big mistake in my opinion.

                        The second mistake is to even get involved in a hand with a short stack beyond the flop: he has everything to gain and you have nothing to gain comparative to your stack. I personally avoid short stacks like the plague because they are generally there to hit and run and there is no value in that for you. I would also only buy in for 100 BB which in this case is 2$. I also noted that those that buy in for the max at this level usually only play monster hands like As or Ks and they usually go all in pre hoping to get one of the short stacks to call. Often they do and the big stack wins and runs off with the money as well.

                        Playing poker is not just about the hands you get but recognising the different player types and using that information to your advantage.





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