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Folded but didnt want to

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  • Folded but didnt want to

    This hand was just before the break and i wanted to push. I dont know how far to get in pso before i get plus points and i try to make it past the break. Was i right on hanging in for the break as i read somewhere u get extra points for this.

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    You are correct to fold here in most situations, but I would think especially at the first break in a PSO Open Skill League tournament if you are playing for points. You are out of position in the BB and AJs is easily dominated. As is illustrated here, preflop you are dominated by two hands, AQ and QQ, and also behind to 88. The fact that had you entered this hand you would have hit the nut flush is irrelevant.

    As to the 'break', it plays no part in the increasing points levels, only lasting longer and then to get through the bubble does, which in the Open Skill League is not the same as when the pennies start to get paid out. Check the tournament lobby to see where the bubble is, it will be at 1440 players if the tourney is full, and keep an eye on your position in the info tab on your chatbox at the table.

    How deep you need to get to be in +ve points also depends on your starting league position. the higher up you are the harder it is to get to +ve points. I keep track of all my finish percentages in each tournament and how many points that finish gained or lost. Usually a top 25-30% finish will get you to +ve points but if you are very high up the league that might drop to the top 15-20%. You can always check other players points in the league by clicking on the points total to see their individual record of finishes and how many points they got to give you more data.

    Good fold IMO.

    Good luck

    Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
    4 Time Bracelet Winner


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      thanks for the info pal.


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        in a 4-way pot, out of position, it's a clear fold... especially if you're playing for points.

        Yes, you have a pretty good hand, but it does not play well in a 4 handed pot, especially out of position. You would have won this hand, but if you continually play this hand in this situation, you will only win 12% of the time... which is why it's a fold.

        You want to save your chips and find a situation where you are ahead in the hand (over 50% hand equity, preferably 60%+), not 12% hand equity.

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          Easy EASY fold in league play.

          12BB is not a ton of chip, but it IS enough to buy you 2 to 4 orbits. In that time you may well climb 50 spots, and that is a huge difference in league play.

          In a regular MTT it is a pretty common fold too...

          AJs, when there is 3 limpers then the SB JAMS, is almost never better than a RACE, and is quite often dominated. Your stack would still represent a good LOSS for most at your table if you fold, and wait to find a spot with first in vig, or where you might try a re-steal over a limper.
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            I feel pains when I see AQ and QQ limp in.

            If limped to you I'm shoving here for sure--so much dead money and you should have fold equity...but when the SB shoves you lose your fold equity and don't really have a wonderful hand. Easy fold especially in PSO. Also, note that those guys limped in with those monster hands. Try to recognize whether they're limping in with a wide range or only their monsters.
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