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Bad move ?

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  • Bad move ?

    Was this a bad move after the flop ?

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    nope, not at all.

    After making a pretty standard raise, when you still hold the over pair to the board you are going to want to bet SOMETHING. ANY "normal" size bet is going to commit you anyway, so you may as well get em in NOW and make certain you end your decisions.

    That means even if a scary card comes on the turn, you are in too deeply to FOLD, so you may as well end your decisions to prevent what might be a BIGGER "mistake" (putting a significant amount if chips in, then folding) than getting sucked out on or jamming into a "better" made hand.

    The thing I'd ask is this:

    With around a 15BB stack, and with the results showing that you got called in 2 places quite "light", why not just jam your QQ over the top of the limper immediately?

    Fact is, making a standard type raise over that limper gets quite a bit of your stack in anyway (about 20% or so).

    You DO hold a hand that fares pretty good against any call ranges that include the hands which we see calling your standard raise here.

    By raising the smaller (but still pretty "committing" amount), you run the risk of letting these guys flop solid DRAWS (or even out flop you), which then improves their suck out chances greatly over what their loose ranges probably have as a chance to win vs your QQ if they call for all your chips pre-flop.


    With them willing to call a raise pretty lightly pre flop, there is a strong chance they MISS the flop and cannot call any bet you make with your QQ. That costs you the chance to extract max value from the opponents' weaknesses when they DO fold to your stop n go play.

    If the answer to this is: "Well, both of these guys are loose enough to call a normal raise to take a flop, but they have shown they are less likely to call an all in for my stack size" Then your actions do make more do not necessarily WANT to take down "just" the blinds, antes, and the single limp with your premium pocket pair.

    but I'm just you think had you JAMMED pre flop over the limper, at least 1 of them might have called?
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      I absolutely like it!

      In fact, I made the exact same play with AA instead of QQ in a tourney in Vegas last week with just about the same chip stack in relation to the blinds

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        I think your right next time i will just get them in,


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          i think jamming is the best option indeed but most of the time u suck both players dry with this kind of play!

          another question:

          If u alway should jam this hand against this kind of players aren't u gonna be to predictable to make any value out of future PP


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            thanks guys just jammed it after the break


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              After the break the blinds got smaller?
              Interesting tourney structure


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                lol 1st video was last night second was today



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