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ft of the 0.50 500 guar

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  • ft of the 0.50 500 guar

    5 left in the 0.50 500guar. I have 4 bigs and a suited king in the bb. what should my play be here regardless of table action.

    ps there was no multiway all in pre otherwise its a fold to move up the pay scale

    PokerStars Game #68546915029: Tournament #448349733, $0.50+$0.05 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XXXIII (50000/100000) - 2011/10/05 22:16:39 PT [2011/10/06 1:16:39 ET]
    Table '448349733 72' 9-max Seat #8 is the button
    Seat 1: inconnu604 (2210995 in chips)
    Seat 2: matt0278 (395972 in chips)
    Seat 3: berniecool (2146885 in chips)
    Seat 4: WillyBigJoe (900680 in chips)
    Seat 8: S_K_BRON_69 (549468 in chips)
    inconnu604: posts the ante 10000
    matt0278: posts the ante 10000
    berniecool: posts the ante 10000
    WillyBigJoe: posts the ante 10000
    S_K_BRON_69: posts the ante 10000
    inconnu604: posts small blind 50000
    matt0278: posts big blind 100000
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to matt0278 [Ks 4s]

  • #2
    has anyone entered the pot?? if nobody in the pot and small completes I am shoving, if everyone comes along I am shoving... in general I am shoving lol


    • #3
      The main question I have to ask you is: why are you so short on your BB?

      This short, you could justify jamming just about ANY 2 in LP if you have first in vigorish (are the first to act at the pot).

      In MP you are probably only dropping the very WORST hands from that range (hands like 72o and 94o).

      In EP you are fine jamming a hand like K4s this short, as you would be with any 2 broadways, any suited and connected cards, any A, any K...

      The key thought is: why wait until the BB when you CANNOT jam in first to act, and leverage whatever minimal fold equity you might have?

      Since it now costs you 170k of your 395k to go thru the blinds, NOT standing with 1st in vig has left you entirely card dependant in the simply cannot afford to fold almost ANY of the random hands yo u'd catch in the BB, because going to 220k will leave you without the ability to deny 2 to 1 odds to a BB call if you wait until your button.

      I really think you shoulda gone earlier, but obviously any suited K is worthwhile to stand on here.
      Double Bracelet Winner


      • #4
        I agree with JDean you really needed to get your chips in before you hit the blinds. From UTG you still had decent fold equity, I would have shoved UTG with most holdings. With your current situation I would call it off or shove over the top with K4s. If you fold your BB here I doubt you can ladder climb, you short stacked opponents will be risk adverse since your so short.


        • #5
          lost a big hand 3 hands previous and only got 27 and 38 in mp and utg so really i had no choice but to wait till the bb.

          i was just posting it to see if others would just go with this i obv did after the sb shipped and had 10s


          • #6
            OK, that makes sense then...

            One thing I do as I approach the BB on a "critical orbit" (defined as my last chance orbit before I will be going all in) is view each hand and situation in the light of whether or not I have enough time to find a BETTER situation...


            On the BTN if I have Q7o and UTG raises, I'd probably FOLD. I'd do this in light of the fact I can probably find better than a 50/50 hand vs a random hand in the few chances I have, or I can probably see no raise if I shove.

            In the cut off, I get 72o and it folds to me. Since I'd see both 2mil stacks (and a strong chance they call me), I MAY fold this hand. This would be in light of the fact I'd surely find a better hand to stand on in the next 3.

            UTG +1 I catch J5, and there is 1 limper. I do not have enough chips to deny odds for a likely call, and hve less than a 50/50 hand, so with 2 hands left on my orbit I'd probably let it go.

            UTG I have 23o. I am almost certainly getting called by the BB at least, and possibly by more than 1 person. At this point I'd ask myself "is this likely to be a better hand than my BB hand?" With 23o, the answer is YES, so I'd probably fold too. That leaves me to live and die on the BB hand, but I CAN live with that.

            So I can definately agree with why you;d wait for the BB; that is as long as you recognize that once you;ve waited, you have run out of choices when your BB does arrive.
            Double Bracelet Winner


            • #7
              oh yea deffinitely one thing i figure i would hear when i posted is why did i have so few chips. It is very rare im not shipping any 2 in good position when under 10bbs. i have won tons of money playing mtts i just saw the post asking for more hands to be posted i figured this was a good hand for people to see so they know getting it in here with any action is a good plan


              • #8
                no problem shoving with it. first anything with an M that low.... gotta shove.

                6 Time Bracelet Winner



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