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cracked Jacks

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  • cracked Jacks

    first one played finished 267 out of over 400 so will be a few negative points i guess, i asked why the dude called a shove by reshoving with A9 and i'll get an answer what stinks like fish!! it's just 3 BB in my opinion it where almost 4 but what the hell. there was an early limper and my shove. major question here is?? is it justified to call like the villain did or is it dumb bingo play? the stove says i am a 71% favorite P.S. i had to get off screen for a moment because of fam. and another argument was u pop back up and shove so hell yeah we call?? any thoughts about this remark???
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    Actually, the guy who jammed is probably doing what is called a "squeeze play".

    The 1st limper made the pot 850.
    Your jam pushed the pot to 1724.

    By re-shoving his shortened stack, he might "squeeze out" the initial limper, and get a heads up situation with 1.97 to 1 odds against you without ANY chance of busting out completely.

    Granted, whether or not A9o is "enough" to want to try a squeeze play that puts about 60% of his stack at risk against YOUR range is questionable. If you were playing pretty wide, it may not be terrible, but if you were quite tight that isn;t nearly enough of a hand (even though you probably do have to widen your stand range a bit).

    So Wopke, there ARE considerations which might make his play perfectly reasonable.
    Obviously your stack is so short that JJ is an insta-shove for you, so your decision was sound.
    Getting upset over HIS decision, without knowing whether or not he had some info which told him it was a good spot to try that play, is kinda useless.
    You can only control YOUR decisions, and everything else is a cloud of possiblities you must float through to win...

    It is way easier to stay focused if you float on the clouds, and not bash your head against a mountain you have ZERO chance of ever moving.

    Double Bracelet Winner


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      Was a silly shuv by a donk wiv a spaz hand when he had people after him who could have called him with a better hand they could killed him u had him killed and he hit a lucky ace he will lose in the long run though I guess


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        tnx JD for the intel but i never was mad about his descission because i see lot's of it but i asked him because of my own adjustments.

        his reasoning was it's only 3 BB and i had an A! wel that is the weakest thing i heard so i gave him a note and color.

        i also got reaction about me wining about it and all sorts of info about thoughts what i was willingly writing down in my notes!!!

        second of all i get called off the table and probably that worked as a red rag on a bull some of them thought i was desperate!!!

        so i hope i can make better descissions next time



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