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Did i play this wrong?

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  • Did i play this wrong?

    Facebook freeroll. Not much on the reads on the villain, he's played a couple of hands, but no showdowns yet, so I don't know what his hand range is.
    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'

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    i would shove pre but as played you played it right just a beat cant avoid it


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      Okie dokie...

      In a spot like this, there is really not a lot you are going to do that is "wrong", except maybe open fold that QQ hand. But there is still a material difference between choosing a "correct" action, and choosing a BETTER "correct action".

      The skill at gathering info is very important to tell whether or not your actions in hands like these are the BEST you could have done, and since the "best" action you can do is the one which derives you the largest overall positive equity, that is the the decision you should strive to make.

      Since you state you have little info on this villain here, the "key" to sharpening your skills in selecting the BEST decision lies in sharpening your information gathering skills at the table.
      As stated, there is no real difference between doing what you did here, and jamming all in pre-flop...see?

      Both these options are fine, and the only way to differentiate between them is to have more usable info.

      Mike Caro has a quote: "In the beginning, everything is even money".

      By this he means that on the day you are born, you essentially know NOTHING.

      Your entire world, and your ability to process decisions is a vast cloud of "50/50" possibilities, because you do not have enough information to apply to an analysis of a situation.

      It is only as you grow and mature, learn and evolve, that your knowledge base GROWS to the point that you are aware of factors which may cause you to tip your decisions in one direction or the other...your decisions in a lot of case STOP being 50/50 (or at the least you now know WHY they are even money).

      So as stated in this problem, your actions are perfectly fine: when the money went in, you had every reason to suspect you held the best hand, and it was unlikely that your opponent would have much more than a 1/3rd chance to change that fact.

      ...but if you are able to gather other info bits by observing your table more close, and by making educated guesses about his likely actions with certain hand types, THEN it becomes easily to tell whether you may have been able to make a BETTER decision.
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        Very interesting and enlightening.

        So in that context, If I had of won this hand, this would of been a very good hand in terms of the villains hand ranges, bet/calling ranges e.t.c, yes.
        'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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          In the context of this hand, that statement means:

          Your raise to 600 is a very committing raise for your 2300 stack. doping this, instead of going all in oon this size stack, is a pretty "deceptive" play. The straight forward play would be to jsut go all in pre flop, and live or die on what calls or folds to you.

          Deception usually comes at a "cost".

          That cost is either in lost value (such as betting smaller than you could have), OR comes from things like giving cheap or free cards that might beat you.

          If you have no info (as you've stated here) that tells you a deceptive play is BETTER in terms of the longer term profit potential (either in this hand, or in later hands) you might make, you are better served just going with the straight forward play.

          So in order to "play it tricky", you really NEED info, or else it is YOU who might be forced to pay the price of your deception.

          Since you did have a very strong hand pre flop, you cannot really be said to have made a "mistake"...there ARE situations where your play is the best one. But if you elected this more deceptive play "just because", and not after review of the info you had to work on, then you are just guessing.

          Of course it is far better to be choosing the less desirous option between 2 good ones, than it is to be faced with a good and a bad choice, and choose wrongly. Overall though, poker is about making the BEST decision as often as possible.

          Last edited by JDean; Wed Oct 05, 2011, 09:28 PM.
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