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MTT pocket 99's BB - 178 players left

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  • MTT pocket 99's BB - 178 players left

    Hello , Here I have another hand for you to offer me sage feedback upon . A $1.10 MTT (3400 entrants) & 178 players left . I find myself in the BB with a resteal stack - facing a button raise . Of course , now I'm trying to play more aggresively to take advantage of certain spots and win a few races for chipping up , with the purpose of driving deeper into these tourney's and becoming more competitive : Here is how the hand played out . [/URL] My question is this , do you like the play ? And should I be making more such plays with this stack size ? Your thoughts will be appreciated , as always . Thankyou .
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    It all depends upon your perception of the button raise range of the villain.

    If he is uber tight, your re-steal is not so good with 99, since you are racing (at least) or dominated if called, and it is un-likely he is raising without a quality hand.

    If he is loose, but not maniaclly so, AND if he calls too much, you can expect to get called quite often in a race spot. Whether or not yo want to court a race for all your chips now is largely a function of your perceptions of your skill level vis a vis the field, the distance to the bubble, how significant a min cash is versus the significance of a deeper run, etc.

    If he is uber loose to open, but disciplined in his calls of all ins, your re-steal try is quite good.

    So to be honest, you really need to be collecting MORE info to truly self-analyze your paly choice here...see?
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      In the tourney there was 178 players left in the field & I thought not to set mine , only assuming the button raise was not as strong as it was soon revealed to be .

      I was trying to be aggressive with my stacks around the 12-13BB size & the resteal stack size which is the norm sized stack for me it seems . I wanted to race at the time or take his raise uncontested , I suppose now I have much more to consider before making such a decision .

      My thinking was quite black & white at the time (button raise , light - loose ? pocket 99's may win or force a fold & I went for it) . I think I had recently moved to the table therefore the villain & I new little or nothing of each other .

      Recently I have become determined to drive deeper into tournaments instead of focusing atleast on a min cash

      Dissappoited to lose the hand but , I feel I have gained experience .

      Thankyou .
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        BAh...I posted on this HH by mistake...
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