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$3.50 sng

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  • $3.50 sng

    My thought process Pre flop - I decide to call in this spot because I don't think my hand is strong enough to raise OOP against a 4x raise from UTG and a call from the button Flop When I flop top pair I decide to check and hope that the UTG will bet out here. I'm thinking that this is a board that he could easily make a C-bet with and not have a hand. I was surprised by the call on the button and now i'm thinking my only move is to fold or push. I don't like a call in this spot becuase i don't think there is much value left with a call. If another club comes down i'm thinking i could be beat. If it isn't a club there is only a limited number of cards that really improve my value. I figure that these players will call my push with AA, KK, AK, and, at this limit, prolly any king. Since i don't put either of these players on AA or KK i feel like i'll almost always take down the pot right now or be in a good spot if they call. Why they dont' have AA or KK? I feel that if UTG had a real hand he would have made a bigger raise here. With 3 players in the pot and flush draw out there i would expect a stronger bet from him if he actually has one of those 2 hands. The button - i think the only hands he calls this bet with are draws and a weak king. I think that with AA or KK he would reraise and hope to get his money in when he had the best of it. Both plays seem weak to me so i think at this spot i'm good and i want to get all my money in when i'm good. let me know what you guys think of this play. ps. sorry if my explanation is all over the place

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    the only hands you have to worry about are AA, KK, 33, 22 or a club draw. UTG raising preflop should rule out the 33 or 22. Pushing prices out the club draw... so you're left with AA or KK. If the button had AA or possibly KK, they should re-raise preflop.
    Like the push and in my eyes, it's the absolute correct play.

    I disagree with your thinking on KK making a big raise on the flop. If I've got top set, I want to make sure more chips are bet into the pot on every street... and I keep as many opps in, to maximize value. I'd flat it with KK on the flop.... but AA, I don't want someone drawing to clubs at me cheaply and I'd raise.

    Also, the raise to 4BB preflop is pretty standard at that level, so I'd just count that as a standard opening raise.

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      I think you might have missed some value there, the C-bet indicates a strong hand that would prpbably call on further streets with a smaller RR. Your all in is pretty much a fold for me if I'm holding JJ, QQ, AQ etc, anything other than KK or AK. I'm no pro, just my 2 cents.
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