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To C-bet, or not to C-bet?

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  • To C-bet, or not to C-bet?

    Here is a hand I played yesterday. Obviously, being dealt AKo UTG I was going to play the hand, so I raised 3x. I don't have a problem with that. The problem is what happened after the flop. Please see the hand replay below (I have omitted the outcome of the hand). My question is, should I not have C-bet in this situation, or should I have C-betted a different amount? Thanks, ~Luv P.S. In case the amount of my C-bet vanishes from the screen before you can catch it, it was 190.

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    no problem with the c-bet at all.. and like the size of it. If you get called, I'd be putting the opp on ace/rag that paired the rag (or outside shot at having a set). If you get raised, I'd then have to muck it.

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      Okay, thanks. I did get raised, and I did muck it. I don't like losing a chunk of chips on a hand like that.

      Oh well. It's good to have it confirmed that the C-bet was the right play and right amount.


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        It's better to lose some of your chips and still be in the tourney.... than pushing/calling against their set and being a railbird.

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          Quite true.


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            I agree I think the c-bet is fine and definitely fold to a raise against most villains.
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              You gotta know WHY you "should" C-Bet more often than not after raising...

              the answer to that is pretty simple:

              When you raise to open, especially oop, you will most often have some sort of "big hand".

              "Big hands" usually consist of 2 types: Pocket Pairs (especially high to medium ones), and Big un-paired over cards.

              A C-Bet allows you to represent which ever of these 2 hand types best "fits" the board.
              If the flop comes all low, you are rep'ping the over pair.
              If the flop comes with an broadway card, you are rep'ping the big un-paired cards as having paired.

              If you ONLY C-Bet after raising to open when you hold a big over pair, or with a pair hit on un-paired big start cards, you become far too "read-able" in your patterns. This allows opponents to exploit your patterns.

              With that said, I think it is pretty obvious that after raising with AK, more often than not you WANT to be C-Betting. Is that the "right" thought here though?
              We gotta look at some things...


              You start with a 37.5BB stack.
              Your pretty "standard" with your raise here, making it 3BB to go.
              That 120 chips is roughly 8% of your start stack, so it is not "too big" at all.

              You get 2 callers (one being the BB), so the pot goes to the flop at 380.


              You "air-ball" the flop with your AKo, and when the BB checks to you, you put out 190 in chips (half pot).
              Again, this is a VERY "standard" bet size.
              After making that bet, you have put a total of 310 into the pot, or roughly 21% of your stack.

              The "standard" C-Bet amount does NOT push you past a committment point (approximately 30 to 35% in), so you have no reason NOT to make the C-Bet even without a made hand. You can still fold (if re-raised), or possibly 3Bet a raiser (if you think they are pressureing you without a hand) and exert extreme "pressure" with a shove.

              In this spot, making the C-Bet is EXACTLY the thing you should be doing far more often than not...

              (Note: I do not advocate making a 3bet pressure move very often in this spot. The fact you raise UTG and get called, then see a raise of your C-Bet, means you are quite likely to face AT LEAST a minor over pair to this flop; if that is the case, you have just 2 chances at 6 outs, and that is your BEST "hope". since it will be very hard for anyone making a standard raise of your C-Bet to FOLD on this depth of money you do not want to be staking your MTT "life" on what may be just 6 outs this early. I only brought it up as a possibility versus some extreme "bluffer" types)
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