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HU Play - How could I have played this hand differently.

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  • HU Play - How could I have played this hand differently.

    I have a slight chip lead. my opponent has been an extremely tight player all through out the tournament. I min raise on the button and get re-raised. I decided to call since I am in position. As of now I am putting my opponent on high picture cards. On the flop my opponent bets 900, I have a gut shot and & his bet only seems like a cBET, as if he had a J, he would bet heavy so I could not draw. If he has a flush draw, he can semi bluff, but his bet size should be a large enough to take the pot down right there and then. So I decide to call. Turn is 7d, which now gives me extra outs. Any 5 can give me the nut straight, any 7 can give me trips and any 6 can give me wo pairs. My Opponent moves all in - which now seems to me a desperate missed flush or desperate missed AK, AQ, KQ etc type of hand. I decide to call and he sucks out on me. The only mistake I think I made here, is to continue with the hand when he re-raised pre flop, however, I decided to go ahead with hand because 1) it was HU & 2) I had position. Guys, need your help, advice, suggestions... thanks in advance.

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    You should post this in the hand analysis sectionumbup:
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        The way the hand played out, I'd have put your opp on AJs, KJs, etc. If so, you'd normally push the turn to keep someone from drawing at a straight. They could have a busted flush draw, but a big J is more likely.

        I'd have mucked it on the flop, as a gutshot only gives you 4 outs (you'll only win 16% of the time). You still had a very playable stack and I'd try to find a better situation.

        Even hitting the turn, if your opponent has a J, then you still only have 4 outs for the gutshot, 2 for the 7's.. and I'd discount the 6 because if they did have a J, a 10 for a higher straight is well within your opps range. With 6 outs going to the river, you'll only win about 12% of the time.

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          Gross. I like the call on the flop, but I probably have to fold the turn. Put him on a range and I don't think you want to be stacking off with 3rd pair here. When I call the flop I'm doing so to see what he does on the turn. If he checks and I miss, I bet. If he checks and I pair up, I check back. If he checks and I hit my gutshot I probably bet to protect my floats. When he jams the turn, what can he have? Flush draws, flush/straight draw combos, straight draws, gutshots with an overcard, , --oh you have the which is a blocker!--and other pair + draws. Hands like 98, oh and real value hands Jx, overpairs, two pairs, sets, straights. Honestly I think your 67 is doing pretty bad in this spot. Against his specific hand QT... (about the worst hand in his range) you had 77% equity, but there are only a few hands in his range like that. Against most of it you're not doing so great.
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