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Short-stacked in a pot limit tournament

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  • Short-stacked in a pot limit tournament

    Okay, so in a pot limit hold'em tournament I've recently been coolered pretty bad (I ran AK into AA on like 15 BBs effective) and knocked down to under 10 BBs. I have about 7 BBs and I figure I clearly need to make a move to get some chips. It folds to me in the hijack and I have a hand that is a super standard shove in no limit on this stack. BUT this is pot limit so I can't open-shove all 7 BBs in at once. So what do I do? Now add to this that there is a tight player in the SB, a strong player (super-aggressive, donk image and he knows how to use it) on the button, and a bad player with a similar stack size to mine in the BB, so a very standard steal spot and a very short stack in the CO... I'm dealt in the hijack which is a super standard shove on 7 BBs, and one I would class as a thin value shove, as at these levels it's getting called by all sorts of broadway stuff and weaker aces and almost never folding out a better hand. I want to shove so I raise the pot. Insta-call by the short cutoff, and it folds around to the tight SB who re-pots it. Obviously at this point I'm behind but pot-committed so I call the rest of my stack since I have good enough pot odds to hit my ace if he has a big pair. CO has A8o, SB has JJ and I manage to catch an 8 but that is not enough. Is there a better way to play a typical no limit must-steal spot like this in a pot limit tournament? Limp-shove? Or is this the best way to maximize fold equity, since I am obviously never folding to a 3-bet? Is open-folding a consideration since raise/calling sucks?
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    I'm by no means of pot limit wiz, but it seems to me, you either have to go with it all the way, or cut it loose in the hopes that you'll pick something better up in the next 6 hands. you really can't even try limping, and leaking off even 1 big blind. and even if you're not repopped, I think you have to shove any flop. busting down that low always sucks. I think you played it just as you should have. Jmho
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      that short, open/folding isn't something I'd consider. I'd hope to do exactly what you got with it.. raise pot and hope someone bets over you, so that you can then shove all-in.

      only way I'd probably consider anything else is if you're one/two from the bubble and need to get a min cash.

      I also don't like the limp/shove... because someone else may not raise it, so then you're letting everyone see the flop cheap (which will make it play more as a limit hand, than a NL hand).

      I'll be interested to see what the others say, as I'm not as good a limit or PL hold'em player as NL... but I'm learning more and more every day.

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        An alternative you might try is opening for 2 - 2.5x instead of potting it for half your stack. If someone reraises you get it in, if someone calls you have a decent sized flop bet. The only tricky spot is if you get called by the blind and donked into, in which case you can either go with it or release depending on board texture and who's donking into you.

        Not sure why this is, but I notice at times people tend to automatically pot it to open in PLHE (3.5x) where if it was NLHE they would open for less. A standard smaller raise works nice here in a spot without many great options, it looks strong in your spot and leaves you with a good sized follow up to c-bet.
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          I generally open for a minraise out of laziness, but my usual range is 2-2.5x unless I want to shove. Here I wanted to shove, so my thought was to go for pot (3.5x). Minraise pre/shove flop with a pot size bet or near it sounds good. Thanks Dave.
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