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Bad luck or just bad play with pocket aces?[NL5]

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  • Bad luck or just bad play with pocket aces?[NL5]

    I came across this old hand. I felt that he was being too passive, and maybe even holding a 6 at the most by the river. But I hit my nut flush and he was fortunate to get me in the wrong place, wrong time, wrong hand. How could I have improved my play in this hand if you have any suggestions against the typical micro-stakes villians? thanks and much appreciated.
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    First off I would raise more pre with AA to extract more value from my opponent's calling range. No one gives you credit in blind v blind spots anyway, you can do better than a min-raise. The exception might be if you've been stealing a lot via min-raising and this guy is playing back at you a lot, maybe you can induce.

    Post flop I don't think stacking off like you did is good. How are you ranging your opponent? The board is paired, and you have the nut flush, so what can he possible have? His line is call, call, min-raise the river. Most micro-stakes players that aren't LAG's are not bluff raising the river, so he's raising for value. And btw the min-raise is a weak player tell of a big hand. You have the nut flush so the biggest flush he can have is the Q high flush. What holding did he get to the river with, playing in this fashion, that contains the Qc? Not many combos make any sense at all with the Qc. Smaller flushes don't really constitute a big hand unless you've seen this guy seriously overvalue hands before. So that just leaves boats (or quads). I think just calling his min-raise is optimal... our hand is too strong to fold as bad players do things that make no sense, but his line is such a massive show of strength from a typical microstakes weak player, I would just call. Instead you raised small, and he min-4 bets. Is he doing this with the Qc, really? I seriously doubt it. This is a boat every time when they min-raise/min-4b on a 4 flush paired board where YOU hold the nut flush. Again unless you have reads that the guy is just a complete nut-job on the river.
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      What hands that you beat can call your shove? A ?..anything else? I don't think 5-betting here accomplishes anything unless you think he'll call with a bad flush since you can't possibly be turning the nut flush into a bluff. I call the 4-bet and sigh when he shows you he had the nuts on the flop.
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