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1hr 15min into open skill league

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  • 1hr 15min into open skill league

    I have a good chip stack i dont know wheather it was silly to risk all my chips hear or if i made the right call and just got a bad beat?
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    Can you provide any information in addition to the hand itself? Reads on villain, and what tournament was this? The 3-bet/call can range from standard to marginal to bad depending. I think smooth-calling, 3-betting, and even shoving are all options, depending on our opponent's tendencies, the type of tournament, and the importance of---oh I see it's skill league. I think flat-calling > shoving > 3-betting in this case. Still depends on our reads of villain though.

    Regardless I don't like the min-3-bet, especially out of position. If I 3-bet it's never less than 5k here...probably more like 5555. Since this requires me to put in a third of my stack I'm not planning on 3-bet/folding unless a mega nit who has me covered ships.
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      the player had been seeing alot of flops and playing pretty agressive the last few hands, i couldnt put him on a high pair so i thought he had an ace and i would out kick him, i agree my raise was far too weak watching it back, im just a bit inexpirience with mtt.


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        Well, how the hand was played to one side, the hand odds were distinctly in your favour, your AKd Vs. AcQd winning 72.67% of the time, losing 22.92%.So once the chips are in, that was were you were unlucky.

        And up against a LAG player, AK suited is just as good as AA or KK, For me, anyway.
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          I'm down with flatting and trying to stack him on an ace high board. There are also a lot of flops we can check-raise with our hand, but we can still get away from unfavorable ones with minimal loss against a stack that can do severe damage to us.

          Plus, if BB is aggressive he might squeeze over our flat since this is a great spot to make a move against an aggressive late position raise and a call, and we have a snap call against his range and stack size.
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            Thanks for the feedback guys, i think maybe flat calling to see it develop may have been better in that situation for me, but i suppose like alot of these hands its more a judgment call on who your playing.


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              I didn't really care for the min-raise. Either raise them 3X or shove or fold. Min raises can price in other players or set up a squeeze for someone. You ended up with only 1 opp, but alot of the times you'll see multiple people in pots if you min-raise and with AK, you'd much rather be up against 1 opp than multiple, as it lowers your chance to win the pot considerably.

              If it was me, I agree with Ori that I'd have flatted it, then shoved with A or K on flop.

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