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Great Hands #24 - Behind the Poker Face - Week 8, Hand 126 - Veldhus /Negreanu/LC

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  • Great Hands #24 - Behind the Poker Face - Week 8, Hand 126 - Veldhus /Negreanu/LC

    Watch the video of this great hand between Daniel Negreanu vs Lex Veldhus vs Loose Cannon

    Watch Video Here.

    Would you have acted the same way? What would you have done differently? Share your thoughts and feedback via this forum discussion about this hand.

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    I think Lex pretty much sums up this hand really well strategically speaking and obviously their metagame comes into effect a ton here which is why im not gonna comment too much on the initial raise pre, but imo its a fold obv :\ OTF also he made a strange play cbetting a board that hits a 3handed range pretty much all the time but he had a pretty strong read on Negreanu so I guess that kinda boosts it to a marginal decision. OTT obviously the ace is an amazing card for him, and no reason to play it any other way than the cheapest way to get to showdown. OTR the 9 is kinda meh cause it hits a bit of his range but why would he bet it unless he just made a flush or was slowplaying the trips? And why would he slowplay the trips OTT given the very active history of both him and Lex? The main hands I would be worried about facing this v-bet would be a flush and maybe a jack cause im sure Negreanu doesn't want to look bad on TV missing value with a jack here. Also, better K highs are taking this line a bunch and he might call with a worse king here. Generally im not even getting INVOLVED in spots like this though, big credit to Lex for a sick soulread!

    IDK if Lex was on button, cutoff or whatever so maybe the K8o raise pf was marginal blind attacking.
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      Lex is in the cut off and has K8s, it's a pretty standard open for a LAG in a short handed game. I agree Lex's read of the situation is excellent. Kind of surprised Daniel wasn't thinking along those same lines, if he wants to make a bluff at this pot the best way to represent a strong hand is to first look like you're giving the LC a chance to spazz and trap him, the check/raise makes no sense for a big hand. And then he didn't follow through on the turn which he should have imo, so really not sure where Daniel was going with this one, but kudos to Lex for making great read of the situation and a nice call with a bluff catcher. It's a tricky bluff catcher call like Lex alluded to, Daniel can easily be bluffing with a small pair or KT and have the best hand. The one thing I might do differently in Lex's spot is raise the river, make it like 22K, it looks super strong given the action sequence on prior streets and if the read is right Daniel is folding 100% of his range, including value bets with Jx or "bluffs" that are actually the best hand like KT or a small pair.
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