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Dealing with 4bet

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  • Dealing with 4bet

    This guy was a LAG but this was his first 4bet for the last 100 hands so I put him on AK,KK,AA. This is the reason why I called his 4bet and not shoved in(I didn't considered a fold with this hand). The flop was ok for me (in case he has AK) and I checked after his check to control the pot size.(In case he has AK the chance he will outdraw me on the turn is around 12%) I called the turn bet for the same reason and checked the river after him also for this reason. Could I play differently to lose less or maybe win this hand ? (maybe bet the flop, reraise the turn, shove preflop) Thanks, Pavel.

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    I would have bet the flop.
    Villains actions are not consistent with your preflop read, I would expect AA, KK, and AK to fire a C bet on the flop, for sure AA, and KK would bet the flop. So once he checks I would think Q's are good and fired a value bet. When LAG villain 4 bets pre but checks a dry flop it's a big sign of weakness imo. Reevaluate your opponents range on every street, don't assign him a range and think he can only have those hands, if the actions he takes don't make sense compared to the range you have given him then reconsider your ranging.
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      Thanks for the reply. It seems very logical to me.


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        Agreed, and be glad he checked the river to you, so funny these players that bet when they're behind and extract no value when they get there.
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          With you ranging the villain at AA,KK, AK - calling his 4-bet does seem like the optimal move here. That way you have the opportunity to see how the flop hits and if you improve at all. If a Q flops then you can confidently get it all in except if the flop is exactly AKQ. You also give the villain the opportunity to check the flop when he misses AK, which is a big sign that you may indeed be ahead in the hand. Definitely bet out after he shows weakness (checks) because you don't want to give AK freecards! The main reason you don't want to go all-in preflop vs AK is because you have the opportunity to make him fold before seeing all 5 cards. So when AK misses the flop and he shows weakness, start trying to get massive value for your QQ if he wants to chase. One other thing, it would have been better if you were in position when simply calling a 4-bet because you could react to weakness on the flop instead of on the turn after villain opts for a free card.



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