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A hand I want to share

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  • A hand I want to share

    Before this hand I raised 3 hands one after the other so my image was like a maniac. The player who called me was tight. - He had T9h in this hand. Although he put his all chips in should I played the hand differently , what do you think ? I will explain my analysis on the turn: His reraise on the turn indicate one of three things: 1) He is on a flush draw(straight draw could be too like 89 but not 58) 2) He has an Ace and probably AK-AQ because he is tight and passive(I don't think he would reraise me with any other ace) 3) Total bluff I was not going to fold this hand anyway I think even if a third spade came. So i decided to call this reraise and check on the river to induce a bluff or a value bet from my opponent.
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    If you were consciously weighing your table image whn you decide to raise up to 4BB to go in the cut-off with a baby pp, and if you are prepared to muck your pair if you do not make a set, then I see nothing wrong with this pre-flop action. It is a bit risky, especially at a tight table where villains may fold and deny you big pots, but if they seemed to be "fed up" with your wild ways, then this could be profitable for you on this depth of money.

    Flop is great for you.
    I like the fact you lead into the board, as your image will likely get you paid versus over pairs and some draws which might be here.
    Also, you really do not want to give free cards in case your tighter opponent does have the draw with overs, since he would certainly be ready to pay something.

    I like your turn bet too. It appears you are a little "scared" of that ace, and showing just the slightest bit of "weakness" may induce an opponent to try betting the "scare card" against you; of course that really isn;t a scary card at all for you. When the button does re-raise, there is no great "need" to get all your chips in now:

    1) If he is still on just a draw, or an over-pair under the A, you may run him off with a big re-raise now. He may think you have Ax for 2 pair, and dump.
    2) The pot has grown enough that it will be easy enough to get the rest in on the river. You gotta credit him for an A when he did re-raise, so chances are good he will have enough to call off the rest versus you, a perceived "maniac".

    The river is a little trickier, and highly read dependant upon how best you can get the villain to stack off.
    Sometimes jsut open shoving the river will be "correct", because the villain will hold A/face, and be willing to call versus your loose image.
    Sometimes a SMALL lead will be better, as this may make him think you are weak, and there is a chance he can jam and take it away.
    Sometimes the check wille xpress the weakness you want, and induce the jam bet (which is the likely sizing due to the pot size now).

    So since what you did "worked", then there were probably factors here that we do not have info on (such s your preceeding river checks usually were quite weak, leading to you giving up).

    Overall, you got max value, and based on the info you give it seems you had a very good "plan" throughout the entire paly of this hand.

    Nice job.
    Double Bracelet Winner



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