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Save not working in hand analyser ?

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  • Save not working in hand analyser ?

    Have been trying to post this for about an hour but every time i try and save the hand in the hand analyser it just hangs saying saving- for anything up to 20 minutes, what am i doing wrong ?

    The Hand was in open skill league, getting quite near to points being positive, my table image 'tight as'.
    Laid it down to score points later, eventually coming 64th. Was I wrong to fold?

    PokerStars Game #67108658165: Tournament #432665912, Freeroll Hold'em No Limit - Level IV (50/100) - 2011/09/06 18:27:27 WET [2011/09/06 13:27:27 ET]
    Table '432665912 791' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
    Seat 1: ethan_cyrus (900 in chips)
    Seat 2: $ereg@1 (10790 in chips)
    Seat 3: StuffBar (3570 in chips)
    Seat 4: newstir (1870 in chips)
    Seat 5: vaterloo1814 (7240 in chips)
    Seat 6: vojtík9 (840 in chips) is sitting out
    Seat 7: vazdriver (6600 in chips)
    Seat 8: boobylops (4230 in chips)
    Seat 9: evkrava (10720 in chips)
    vojtík9: posts small blind 50
    vazdriver: posts big blind 100
    *** HOLE CARDS ***
    Dealt to boobylops [Tc Th]
    boobylops: raises 200 to 300
    evkrava: raises 10420 to 10720 and is all-in
    ethan_cyrus: calls 900 and is all-in
    $ereg@1: folds
    StuffBar: folds
    newstir: folds
    vaterloo1814: folds
    vojtík9: folds
    vazdriver: folds
    boobylops: folds
    Uncalled bet (9820) returned to evkrava
    *** FLOP *** [6c 4c Td]
    *** TURN *** [6c 4c Td] [8d]
    *** RIVER *** [6c 4c Td 8d] [Ts]
    *** SHOW DOWN ***
    evkrava: shows [Kh Kd] (two pair, Kings and Tens)
    ethan_cyrus: shows [Qc Ac] (a pair of Tens)
    evkrava collected 2250 from pot
    ethan_cyrus finished the tournament in 3952nd place

  • #2
    You must remember the structure of the event you are playing. That is one where every negative, or every lesser positive score effects your entire month. as such, being more risk averse is usually not a mistake.

    You start with better than 40BB and make a standard open raise with a hand which has good equity versus a CALL. Versus a 3bet though, TT is almost never better than a race, and will quite often be dominated.

    Raise/Folding 3BB off a 42BB start stack when it means your tourney life is not a mistake in the least. Do not let the fact that you'd have made quads here effect your thoughts. If you want to look at the "results", look at the fact that you'd have been a 20% under-dog for your entire tourney life when all the chips would have went in instead.

    Well played.
    Double Bracelet Winner



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