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NL 0.02 - I like how I played it..

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  • NL 0.02 - I like how I played it..

    This guy calls on the button.. Flop comes and I have a feeling my second pair is the strongest hand at this point. My guess is that this guy is showing his four little stars (he's platinum star) to impress his micro stakes opponents to bully them of pots with semibluffs (he seems to play tag though). I flat call him on the flop and again on the turn and donk bet into him on the river (is this a float play?). Micro stakes is simple abc-poker 98% of the time, but I'm really happy how I played this one. I feel I pulled of a nice intricate play. Just wondered what you guys thought. For the record, I put him on a hand that I could beat with mine. Pity we'll never know if i got that right. Edit: looked at the hand once more.. I must say now, in retrospect, I wouldn't be surprised if he had 9Ts and was ahead throughout the whole hand.
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    Originally posted by NL_Niels View Post
    [(he seems to play tag though).
    Don't think you got the read right imo... TAGs don't open limp the button. This is the play of a weak player who is probably more loose-passive than tight-aggressive.

    As for the rest of the play, I think check/call is fine on the flop and turn but as played I would check/call the river. I don't think you're getting a fish to fold a better hand here, I would be pretty surprised if the guy folded a ten. He might not like the Q coming and you betting into it but he's going to put the call in. He might fold a 7 or smaller pair but you beat all those already except for A7. Give him another chance to bluff off some chips on the river imo, especially if you've noticed he's been trying to bully post flop. Take advantage of his mistake and let him bully you. Your line would be better with air, but with the showdown value you have, I think the river bet only gets called when your beat and folds out everything you're beating.
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