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Good spot to shove?

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  • Good spot to shove?

    Reads: table is tight enough to know I won't get three or four callers or some other freeroll madness, but SNIPEZ1980 is tilting after just having lost a big pot to Gajje88. I figured either everyone'd fold and I'd still have a big pot, or I'd get SNIPEZ1988 to call too thinly. He did. Unfortunately Gajje88, probably feeling lucking after winning a big pot, decides his A6s is good enough for a call. I beat the guy I was hoping to get in the pot, but Gajje hits an ace on the turn and ends my tournament. Bad shove? I'm not short stacked (stack size about tournament average) so shoving was no necessity, but I felt this was a good spot to either pick up a nice pot or have a shot at doubling up, most likely being a strong favourite pre-flop. Turns out I ended up just better than a coin flip with these two callers (would have been a different story with only one, which is what I expected to be the maximum number of villains that'd call me). Of course this call by SNIPEZ1988 after Gajje already called was totally ridiculous and against only Gajje I'd have been about 70 / 30 (?)... I'd take those odds any day.

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    Standard shove.

    Your working with 18 bb's, you may be at the average but that's not a big stack. The 8,275 in the pot represents 57% of your current stack so winning what's in the pot is a good result in its self, if you shove and get called 97% of the time you'll be a huge favorite. If the original raiser is tilting that even better, he may call you down light which is a great result.

    If you were to make a standard size raise it would commit you to the hand, 3x would be 4,800 or 33% of your stack, 4x would be 6,400 or 44% of your stack, and would also give all these calling stations a good price to try and catch some miracle flop on you. I like shoving, make the stations pay the max to try and bust you.


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      blame it on bad luck


      I understand your doubt but yes ur shove is standard. If u make a small reraise u give odds for the first openers and to the other limpers to call ur raise with suited connectors, AXs and pocket pairs
      so they can see a flop (most of the time they will be expecting to face KK/AA or sometimes AK and
      therefore know that if they hit the flop they will suck u out).

      If u raise big ur automatically commited post flop as u have just 18bb, and any stack who would
      call a big reraise preflop would also call ur shove preflop. So Shove it and pray pokerstars gods to spare ur KK

      In this hand you are unlucky the call from opener with A6s is simply completely fishy (except if u have the image of a very loose agrfessive player, which i think wasnt the case, A6s is a gambling idiot)


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        Very very standard shove.

        A small part of the time the UTG min raiser will wake up with AA; you'll lose 80% of those times.

        In every other instance, with 1 caller, you are winning roughly 70%+ of the time, and versus 2 callers you are probably never worse than about 60% to win a triple up.

        The action gives enough indication you'll get at least 1 caller to a shove, so do it.
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          If JD can answser this in less than 100 words, that speaks to the level of standardness in this shove.

          Which is spot in, it's super standard. The only real question here is how many fist pumps to make before jamming it in. I think 3 is a fine number.
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