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Pro Analysis would be great!!

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  • Pro Analysis would be great!!

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    I'm a great lover of Poker mainly Hold'em. In fact I have started studying the game in great detail. To be honest a high percentage of the time I'm a slow starter but then get in my stride
    . Any advise will be extremely appreciated..I have started spending some serious time watching your lessons video on youtube..But know I have found Pokerstars I am watching the tuition-lesson-info ect., and reading in all my spare time For the first time acctually learning all the lingo.One thing i hope is going for me is maths side of it..But if any of you poker CHAMPS can speed my progress up,, with any advice then full Respect.. Gratefully Carl Childs..
    Would be great if someone could maybe give this match a look over. And simply be brutaly honest with me if need be..I can take it honest 8-}.


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      a LOT of hands here...

      Can you maybe break 'em up into seperate threads?

      some comments on first 2 hands:

      Hand #1:
      Don't play 53s oop for a limp.
      (Don't play it very often for a RAISE form UTG either! )

      Any time you enter a pot with un-paired cards and hit the flop, what you will tend to flop MOST OFTEN is a 1 pair hand.
      This happens roughly 1/3rd of the time.
      With a hand like 53s, your 1 pair hand will generally be quite weak.
      You generally will not be confident in taking the betting lead with a weak holding, so you are at the mercy of what opponents do when they act after you.

      With a hand like 53s, the next most likely thing which will happen if you "hit" a flop is that you have a DRAW.
      This will happen about 19% of the time (for flush draws or open end straight draw "hits").
      Any time you hold a draw and are out of position, it is very hard to get maximum value from that draw.
      This is true because opponents will be acting AFTER YOU, thus you will tend to have less information upon which to base your decisions.

      As you can see from what happened in this hand, when you do not have a strong enough hand to take the betting lead, you may end up calling too many bets to "chase'.
      It may not SEEM like all that much when you have a 47BB stack like here, but it adds up.

      (see this link for info on flop odds: )

      Hand #2:
      Nothing wrong with what you did here.

      You got a free flop in the BB with a very bad hand.
      The flop came with nothing for you.
      You folded.

      There was NO single card which could come on the turn which would give a clear indication you are probably ahead.
      No sense in calling even a MIN BET on a flop where you have only "dirty outs" if an opponent has a Q.

      (see this link for an explaination of "dirty outs": )
      Double Bracelet Winner


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        Okay i know it was alot of hands but i had alot of spare time so thought i would go throw them and see if i could help out any. I wrote things on ones i had comments on. Im not a pro, but i think some of my comments will be helpful:

        3. dont limp, or call min bets, raise.
        5. with a bet and a big re-raise on the flop, i would guess unless the opponents have extremely loose ranges that you are beat every time here
        13, i would have been a bit more wary to call preflop, but good fold on flop after raise
        16. never limp
        17. against 3 opponents with those cards pre flop its a fold for me, maybe a reraise on the flop to try push them off the hand though once you are there
        21, dont limp
        25, min bets are rarely any good, unless you are going for value here, but wont know for definite you ace is the best hand, so either check or bet bigger. Maybe fire off a decent sized c-bet on the flop with the intention of folding to any raises, the board isnt going to hit too many people well i dont think and most would fold to aggression, lots of fold equity
        26. again dont min bet, if your not willing to raise a hand dont fold it, calling behind a raise is ok, but dont limp into a pot, also raise on the flop, top pair good kicker against a very weak bet, raise to 400-500, same on the turn and the river, 1/2 to 3/4 of the pot, maybe get it all in if no scare cards come up.
        27. RAISE preflop, 3x big blind, but on flop kings beat you, theres a king on flop and someone puts chips in on all 3 streets, consider folding
        28. you have nothing, why put chips in on the turn? you need a plan, are you going to raise and try bluff and fold if you raised or get more action on later streets or are you just going to fold, you dont have the best hand so there is no point just calling
        29. bet bigger on the turn, you want value from your good made hand.
        30. quite a loose call and your limping again, not really much to say on any round of betting dont like it much even though you do win
        34. loose call again
        39. another loose call, maybe not always a bad thing but im a tighter player
        42. limping again
        49. RAISE PREFLOP, bigger raise on flop, the only reason you got good value from your hand is because the other guy done all the betting for you, slow playing is ok sometimes, but try value betting, he would probably have called anyway, 2 overcards, flush draw and after the turn a straight draw.
        53. limping again, good raise on the flop though
        55. if you get a free check always take it
        63. limping again
        65. another limp
        66. i probably wouldnt have called that unless the guy was going all in alot
        77, Limping again
        79. and again
        80. limp again, when you limp and someone raises your just throwing away chips
        81. i might have re-raised on the river

        Basicly from the hands youve posted you look like a rather passive player at times, and occasionally quite loose. You need to work alot on aggression, pre-flop raising instead of limping, good bet sizing on the flop and afterwards, theres a video here by the langolier on commitment, have a watch of that as well. Try reading up or watching up on c-betting and when good times to do that are.

        Was slightly harsh on your poker here, sorry for that, but just trying to help out, and i think most are valid comments.


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          Thanks for your advice and i will certainly take it onboard..I am going to stop playing limp hands for sure..thanks again..


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            Thanks Craig

            Thanks alot Craig for having the time to analysis my game play..I am going to take all your comments onboard...I am going to stop playing the limp hands..Well i'll throw 1 in know and again 8-)...You certainly wearn't to hash Craig..I respect your honesty..And to be honest i thought i was playing to passive at times and certainly not gressive enough...So I am going to put all your advice and add it to my databank 8-}. and c how i get on...Thanks again for your time craig..Take care man..


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              Ok 2nd hand i don't understand. Basically you get a free flop with a poor hand, you did not even hit air and you folded.

              1st hand is horrible.

              -NEVER LIMP!!!
              - Never play 53o in UTG
              - Don't keep calling with anything
              -If you want to bluff, then bluff but you cannot check call with anything, and not showing strength at all... like if you had a SD value hand. When bluffing try to represent hands and see how the impact of the cards affect the board.



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